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Fastest, easiest, safest, greenest patented teaching process with scientific certainty

Countdown to bicycle riding - long no more to ride

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Organizations: If professionals you engage to teach bike riding are using Pedal Magic contact us to verify that they are licensed to use our process. Annual license fee per instructor: $25.00

Bicycle Dealers: Create new customers instantly and effortlessly out of thin air. 20 million adults in the US failed to learn to ride a bicycle as children and cannot ride now. Many still long to learn. Out of embarrassment and fear of continual failure 1 of 9 children over age 8 give up learning to ride altogether every year. Why let this be?

Free Now For Personal/Family Use Only: Instant Bicycle Riding With Pedal Magic

Feel free to watch our exclusive method revealed in the video below. US Patent 5,887,883. Copyright PA-1-678-414.

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Pedal Magic is a patented teaching process demonstrated on video. Press Play button below to watch the entire video.