Teach Bike Riding In 2 To 10 Minutes

Tried everything else? You have never been this close to teaching your child to ride a bike. Nothing to riding in 2 to 10 minutes.

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Fastest, easiest, safest, greenest, freest, most-certain-to-work patented process.

Countdown to bicycle riding - long no more to ride

Have you bought sturdy, wide training wheels? Gyro wheel? Striding bike? Holding aid? Tried sloped pavement? Grassy field? Downhill coasting? Pedals off? Seat down? With no such burdens, when you celebrate heartily after breezing through teaching your beginner to ride in minutes with Pedal Magic, will you remember this moment and return here to support us with at least a $2.00 contribution? We would!  Luke 6:31.

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All that any child or adult beginner anywhere needs to ride a bicycle are these two abilities:

Nothing else matters! As Pedal Magic video shows anyone with both abilities above WILL learn to ride. Laws of Physics dictate it. But devices such as training wheels prolong it. In fact training wheels block turning into the fall which is absolutely essential to keep a bicycle in balance. Besides, hardware and devices such as training wheels for keeping bicycle upright have to come off sooner or later. The beginner actually has to learn how to keep a bicycle in balance (stay upright) without such crutches.

A simple question: Why would anyone bother with excess baggage as above when it takes nothing to teach bike riding in 2 to 10 minutes?