Teach Bike Riding In 2 To 10 Minutes

Nothing to riding in 2 to 10 minutes the very first time your child straddles a bike. Unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

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Fastest. Easiest. Safest. Sanest. Unconditional Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Since 1996 Pedal Magic has helped thousands of children and adults learn bike riding breezily in minutes. More in feedback stack

The National Parenting Center awarded Pedal Magic their Seal of Approval in the Fall of 1996 after a rigorous test and evaluation process by an independent panel of parents, educators and experts. Pedal Magic has also won praise and awards from regional and business news organizations. More

Scientific certainty vs seat-of-the-pants chance

Ultimately all aids artificially keeping bike upright have to come off and your child has to actually learn to keep a bicycle in balance.

Your child may learn to ride with one of the many seat-of-the-pants methods available online. But whether or not you have the time and fondness for trial-and-error methods, scientific Pedal Magic is the only way to be absolutely certain your child will ride.

If Pedal Magic does not meet your needs and expectations or if you are not 100% satisfied with our service for any reason, we will promptly and cheerfully refund your money. More

Ready. Pedal. Balance. In 2 to 10 minutes.

All you need is just the bike. The learner is riding in the time it takes to go to the store, detach, attach, remove, install, disassemble or assemble anything. Training wheels and devices only serve to keep bicycle upright artificially. Pedal Magic actively intervenes with scientific drills to teach balance immediately.

Video clips from Denver NBC station (9 News) and Denver CBS News (News 4 Colorado). Reports aired in 1996.

Age, intelligence, athletic ability… irrelevant

Whether child or adult, just two physical abilities keep a bicycle in balance. Reaction to motion and pedaling strength (neither being typically an issue for adults). Use our simple and easy readiness test to see if your child is ready to ride. More

Pedal Magic news from major TV stations

Seal of Approval and awards

30-day unconditional money-back guarantee

Green - no training wheels, gizmos or hardware

No running behind bike, falls, fears or tears

. . . a huge "Thank you!" After much frustration from previous attempts, my nine-year-old daughter learned to ride her bike last night...what a thrill! After we watched your video and practiced the exercises, the actual riding came so quickly. This morning she is still beaming from her accomplishment...
and that is priceless . . . "  – Paula Swygard, Iowa City, Iowa

Should teaching and learning bike riding be prolonged and painful? Or quick and joyful? But who can teach bike riding so easily? You can! Believe your eyes just minutes from now. Your child rides in 2 to 10 minutes or your money back. You cannot lose.

Must teaching bike riding be a pain?

Quick and easy confidence-inspiring technique for teaching bike riding almost instantly. It is fascinating science, not a magic trick. The coach does not run. Children do not crash and cry. Works the same for all ages (science of balance does not depend on age).

Thousands of ecstatic children and adults since 1996