Teach Bike Riding In 2 To 10 Minutes

What is the basis for asserting that Pedal Magic is superior to all other tools, methods and devices for teaching bike riding?

Only two factors are involved in the laws/forces of nature that dictate how and why a bicycle rider crashes or stays in balance. Patented Pedal Magic is a purely scientific and tightly controlled physical process for dealing with these forces immediately and instantly, without the aid of devices of any kind. To truly appreciate this fact one needs to see the process in action. This is why we have the 100% money-back guarantee.

Do I have to know physics, etc. to understand the video and use the method?

Not at all. The science is hidden in two simple, easy, crisp drills which the Pedal Magic video shows you. These drills can be done in your basement, garage or driveway, typically in around 90 seconds to 3 minutes. The video explains exactly when the learner is ready to ride. You can then go to a flat open area and get the learner riding in around 30 seconds to 2 minutes in most cases.

How can something that is scientific be so easy to learn and use?

Anyone can drive a car without an engineering background. Pedal Magic drills enable you to use the science without knowing the science. Also, Pedal Magic video, produced by an award-winning media consultant (Russ Ruffin with two Emmys and a Telly), creates a vivid impression of the technique on your mind in 15 minutes. Children see that the process involves nothing they are afraid of and parents see the simplicity with no running involved. Everyone sees how anyone can learn bike riding in minutes. By the end of the video every child is eager to learn to ride.

How could something that is so simple, and easy to learn and use, be patented?

To get a patent a physical process such as Pedal Magic needs to be unique and non-obvious. Also no known method similar to it must exist. Furthermore, everything in the process must be objectively measurable and repeatable by anyone. Pedal Magic satisfied all such requirements.

How does Pedal Magic video help children?

Neither children nor adults learn bike riding by just watching Pedal Magic. They learn when they step through the two precise Pedal Magic drills. However, when children (especially the ones who have given up trying) see the easy Pedal Magic drills and how the 5-year-old girl on the video actually learned to ride during the video shoot, they are eager to get out and learn to ride.

What is the minimum age at which Pedal Magic will work?

Age is not an issue in learning bike riding. What matters are minimum reaction times and pedaling strength (click here for a quick indoor test). If a student does not have the required reflex and muscle strength they simply will not be able to keep a bike in balance. If a student does indeed have fast enough reflex and muscle strength only bad teaching devices, methods or habits can keep him/her from learning to ride.

What more can you tell me to help me compare Pedal Magic to other methods and devices?

Other devices and teaching methods are passive. Their primary mind-set is keeping the bike upright while trying slowly to somehow get the learner to do without the very crutches they provide to keep bicycles upright. Pedal Magic drills actively apply bike balancing physics directly to teach students bicycle riding in minutes. Also, no time or effort is wasted trying to attach, detach, install or uninstall this or that to the bike. Pedal Magic is an effortless no-nonsense method with a mind-set to get down to business immediately and get the job done easily in minutes.

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