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Bike riding in 2 to 10 minutes. Totally green. No hardware. No hard work. No falls. No tears. No fears.

Please add us to the list of customers thrilled, and astounded, with your product!!! Our seven year-old son has a physical disability that impacts motor planning/control and balance...

Marie and Charles Schwager
Pueblo Colorado
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... simple yet brilliant technique. My son learned to ride his bike "with none babywheels" today...aged 3 years and 20 days!!!...

Paul Scott,
Buckinghamshire, England
[Jul 31, 2004]
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Mar 15, 2023: We have attached a note to the full text of customer's feedback email

... I am an engineer, and when the movie got to the physics of the system, I could not believe how simple the idea was. I also realized that I would never have thought of it...

Kevin Rochlin
Seattle, Washington
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... I had to tell my wife that your assertion that it would take 5 minutes to learn to ride a bicycle was incorrect.

It took 2 ! ...

Peter Bennett
Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
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... Our son is 7 years old and has Asperger
 Syndrome... his occupational therapist recommended your video... Even though he had used training wheels for years, he was still able to learn how to ride over this weekend...

Pam & Rick Ehrlich
Saratoga, California
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... My daughter just turned 13... We bought her a bicycle this weekend and I spent hours Sunday running along side her... That night I found your web site, the tape arrived this afternoon and a short while later she was riding around the neighborhood. Yours is truly a product that delivers on its promises...

Jack Sugrue
Lincoln, Nebraska
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... My husband was amazed at how easy it was and how quickly it worked. He was the biggest skeptic on how a video could help and that I bought it over the internet...

Joy Grant
Greer, South Carolina
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... This video is worth every penny. The technique is so simple - as an avid cyclist for the last 35 years it made perfect sense to me. And it obviously made sense to my son - he can hardly wait for tomorrow so he can ride some more. The grin on his face was worth it ten times over!...

Paul Hilbink
Denver, Colorado
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... You have saved the heart and pride of a 10 year old boy... Since he is a 'brainy' child, the scientific approach of pedal magic interested him. Within 1/2 hour of pedal magic techniques, he was pedaling on his own! And I had tears in my eyes...

Mindy J. Schulke
Arden Hills, Minnesota
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... I've been out 6 times so far and have never fallen, and can already launch myself on flat ground. I am really, really glad I can ride my bike and I am not embarrassed any more. Now I just have to practice learning to steer straight on a sidewalk!


P.S. from mom - I admit to some apprehension when I saw the video was only 17 minutes long and the first section seemed primarily about copyright. It is amazing to me that on the first day out, after using ... for about 1 minute, she needed only a few launches to get going. I suspect my own nervousness in letting go actually impeded her initially as I hung on with my fingertips more than I needed...

Rebecca Erickson
Guelph, Ontario
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... I live in England... It arrived promptly and I watched it once. 1 hour later my son (aged 8) and I (too old to disclose) were at the school playground. I followed the instructions, as did my son, and 15 minutes later he was riding unaided. 2 weeks later my son has a new bike and a new found freedom.......MARVELOUS!

Steve Edgar
United Kingdom
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... No scratched up knees or elbows! He just got on and rode! Thanks again!

Wendy Daniel
Cortez, Colorado
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... It's hard to teach a 35 year old how to ride without knowing really what to do. The same day I went out and got pedal magic. We had to teach her on a high performance road bike even though the tape suggested not to, so it took a bit longer, but within a half an hour she was riding her bike!!...

Dave and Jenny Stanford
Denver, Colorado
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... Thanks to you, now I can ride to the country club pool with my father and I can ride in the Fourth of July Parade with my Cub Scout Pack 82. You have helped me alot...

Bryant Bowyer, age 10 Arlington, Texas
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... The frustration and avoidance of even the subject of bike riding that has been the proverbial "elephant in the living room" for the last two years is gone for good....

Dawn Bowyer
Arlington, Texas
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Your product is truly amazing! Within minutes my 8 year old son was riding around the parking lot unassisted! A product that speaks the truth...I am more than happy with the results!

Brenda MacKay
Rowlett, Texas
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...I thought that we would be the ones to prove you wrong. Instead, it was I that was proven wrong. My son is 7 years old and fairly big for his age - a little over 4 1/2 feet tall and about 90 lbs...

Nick Stevens
N Charleston, SC
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... within moments of letting go, he was off... I have never known any kind of education to go from theory to practice in --literally-- under 8 minutes...

Tony Stein
Lafayette, Colorado
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...I could see the physics was correct before I ever bought the video. But how to turn that knowledge into information a six-year old could process, and more importantly, translate to physical movement? The exercises are the answer, and they are elegant in their simplicity...

Bill R.
Salisbury, MD [Maryland]
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... As a professor, I am in awe of your ability to capture the essence of a complex activity and transform it into easy to follow procedures/drills/exercises...

Fred Kolb
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Wow...she may not be Lance Armstrong, but after only five minutes she took her first solo ride. I am amazed.

John Whalen
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
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... My 36 year old husband... had tried as a child and was unsuccessful... the simplicity of [Pedal Magic] brought me to tears... within 25 minutes he was riding!

Muguet Bradbury
Lawrenceville, GA
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... He completed the first two exercises in the first five minutes. As we attempted "The Launch", I noticed that he was favoring one side and had him practice... I turned my attention away for not more than five seconds and when I looked back at him, he was riding all over the playground. Later that afternoon, our entire family went on a six mile ride...

Val J. Asuncion
Burbank, California
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Note on order: ... has only one ear and we think he may have problems balancing because of it. Do you have any experience with this...

Feedback later: ... We took Brian to practice riding after school today and in a few minutes he was chasing his Dad around the parking lot. I really thought that it would take another year to teach him, so this quick process made my husband and I both very happy. In addition, he wanted to keep riding instead of begging to stop as has happened before your system...

Laurie Sippel
Montgomery City, Missouri
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... my 7 year old son. He couldn't seem to get his balance on his bike no matter how hard we tried or how long we practiced. We watched the video together, he practiced while he watched TV... We did one last practice ... and he took off immediately, riding solo. He spent three hours riding his bike today without any help. He's so proud of himself and so are we. Thank you for this ingenious method - it really is a paradigm shift...

Elaine Pershing
Los Angeles, California
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... Please add us to the list of very satisfied customers. My eight year old daughter had tried many times to ride a bike but with no success. She was unable to keep up with her friends (all of whom were already riding a bike) and was becoming angry with herself because she could not ride a bike...

Her Occupational Therapist told us about Pedal Magic and said it really was indeed magic. We watched the video once on a Saturday night and once more on Sunday morning. It seemed too easy. But we went out and gave it our best shot. Twelve minutes later, my daughter was off and riding!...

Meg Saunders
Toms River, New Jersey
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... a huge "Thank you!" After much frustration from previous attempts, my nine-year-old daughter learned to ride her bike last night...what a thrill! After we watched your video and practiced the exercises, the actual riding came so quickly. This morning she is still beaming from her accomplishment... and that is priceless...

Paula Swygard
Iowa City, Iowa
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... My daughter was very intent on watching. Right after the video, we went out to the back porch and took off her training wheels forever!

We started her excercises that night. Just for about 5 minutes. The next night, another 5 minutes. She was doing them so well, I decided to take the next day off from the office, so that we could do the "launch".

... WOW! I held her seat for about four steps and then let go and she was off! :o) I couldn't get over how effective your method works!...

Greg Rodriguez
Chandler, Arizona
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... my 3 year old to learn how to "2-wheel". When I go jogging at the park, people can't help but stare at this little guy on a little 2 wheeler.

Charissa H
Baltimore, Maryland
[Jun 9, 2008]
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Mar 15, 2023: We have attached a note to the full text of customer's feedback email

... My daughter is 11 and learned to ride a bike today in 10 minutes after watching Pedal Magic. We were thrilled. I have tried to teach her off and on for 6 years, and never had any luck...

You have a great discovery here, and the story of opposition from the bike industry on your website is amazing...

Keith Hutchinson
Georgetown, Texas
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Subject: [Pedal Magic] thanks
From: "martin b."
To: Ushar Enterprises Inc

wow--it is magic. my 5 year old has been struggling to ride--15 minutes of practice and he had it day one and was riding around the block on day two! thanks. I sent you guys a few bucks on paypal for the help! so kind to keep this content free. -martin

martin b. [Boulder, Colorado]


Subject: Re: Pedal Magic
From: C Evans
To: Ushar Enterprises Inc

It worked brother Reginald!! You da man!!! We all set down in the living room today and I did a search on Pedal Magic on TIVO's, You Tube tab. We watched your 20 minutes of PEDAL MAGIC together and my daughter said I'm ready, let's go!! You saved us many disappointments, weeks or months of small baby steps progress, and a giant box full of band aids to boot!! PEDAL MAGIC MADE THE WHOLE LEARNING TO RIDE A BICYCLE PROCESS-A PURE JUBILATION EXPERIENCE FOR ENTIRE FAMILY!!! (Daughter, Mom, and Dad) We had such a great time at an enormous empty church parking lot. I would say she rode the length of 24 football fields, prior to us parents giving out! We didn't figure out how for her to start on her own power yet, but I'm sure that will fall into place later. If you have any pointers, please share them. Her seat was at bottom the entire time and I'm sure we need to raise it to her height at the appropriate time-giving her utilization of more leg power later. Training wheels came off right after we watched the film, so I wasn't realistically expecting too much with her having years of those as crutch-giving that false sense of security.

You need to shout it from house tops to the whole world; because you successfully unraveled an enigma monster ball of rubber bands, dating back for centuries!!

She did some kind of victory dance after her first lap, before doing her next one!! ;)

Thank you,

C Evans
West Texas

[Mr. Evans is one of the most enthusiastic customers of Pedal Magic we have come across in 20 years; certainly THE most enthusiastic in recent years and THE most generous donor ever. We traded emails and he continued to write about his joy...]

... but if you thought of it for the first time this month it's no less of an incredible epiphany here in the present. Obviously all the laws of certainty still apply as a breakthrough! It's a wonderful product that helps people grow and conquer fears, while enjoying one of our man made rights of passage!!!

I missed my daughter's riding yesterday, I was on business in NM. My wife and daughter told me how she rode up and down our double cul-de-sac street! She also rode on the perimeter sidewalk street path border too!! Mailbox posts all along the way and trees too as obstacles. I'm kind of glad I missed it, because I tend to be over-protective and might have dialed it way back. It worked, she soared, and survived!

Regardless, if you ever make another copper penny or not [from Pedal Magic] feel really good for your educational contribution to all the potential bike riders of the world. I love people, I love kids, and I especially have passion for inventions that help solve problems. You did something very nice for my daughter and I can't thank you enough my friend! In the 8 years we have had her as our biggest blessing ever, I've never seen such joy inside her as these last few days! It's wholesome outdoor fun and exercise! It made her trampoline and playground swing set years back pale in comparison! That glowing confidence and tuckered out healthy tired is priceless!!

Thank you,

C Evans
West Texas


Subject: RE: Thank you for your Pedal Magic contribution
From: Travis Antes
To: PedalMagic

Hello Reginald,

I truly appreciate your email follow up. My son has Autism spectrum disorder and we have been working on bike riding on and off for about 3 weeks. Both he and I were so frustrated last weekend that I wasn't sure what to do next. I came across your website and video during the week and thought I'd try your method this weekend. I started yesterday and within 10 minutes he was riding his bike without me holding on to him at all. We went bike riding again today to work on launches and turning.

Your method just simply worked for me and my son, I thank you very much.


[Sunnyvale, California]


Subject: Re: Thank you for your Pedal Magic contribution
From: stacey griffin
To: Pedal Magic

I just want to let you know we LOVE your technique! My daughter is 9 and was so afraid of leaning from using training wheels that she was petrified to ride and embarrassed she couldn't ride. We used you techniques and she was riding in 15 min! The next day we rode around the neighborhood and the next she rode 5 mile on a bike path. She even navigated through narrow tight turns with ease! Your video was a life saver!!!! We are now taking our bikes with us on a beach vacation.

- Stacey Griffin
[Suffolk, Virginia]


Subject: Re: ...Pedal Magic Unlock...
From: Mica Hemingway

Pedal Magic is almost too good to be true! After many months of frustration and tears, our 7-year-old daughter was riding her two wheeled bike - completely on her own and without training wheels - within thirty minutes! She is so proud of herself, and we are so grateful for this program! Thank you!

[Mica Hemingway, Hagerstown, Maryland]


Subject: Thank you
From: "Kathleen Osborn"

...another satisfied customer. I bought this, my husband watched it and implemented it. In 5 minutes he had my 9 year old daughter and her 8 year old friend happily riding! For those skeptics or those who think $20. is too much to pay for a file (intellectual property) No scrapes or tears, only smiles? Priceless... So happy I found this!
Kathleen Osborn
[Joppa, Maryland]


Subject: Testimonial
From: "Claire Sherrick"

I downloaded pedal magic this morning and my five year old daughter was riding her bike independently by the afternoon! This programme is just fantastic. She has tried riding a bike with stabilisers (training wheels) and still managed to fall off, she also struggled on a balance bike and she had little confidence or interest in learning to ride a bike.

Pedal magic has changed all this, she found the exercises easy and the huge smile on her face as she rode her bike on her own was just wonderful. She can't wait to go out tomorrow and practice again. I was very skeptical of buying anything like this over the internet and put it off for ages, worried it would be a waste of money, what a mistake - I wish I had downloaded it months ago.

Thank you so much Pedal Magic
Claire Sherrick
[Leicestershire, United Kingdom]


Subject: RE: ... unlocked (Leanne Krzyzanowski)
From: "David & Leanne "

Hello to Reginald, Usher and all at Pedal Magic!!

Well, after stopping and starting MANY times with the drills (due to lack of interest from my now 8.5yo ASD son and wet/hot weather), it's almost 2 years! to the very day ..., but HE HAS DONE IT!!!!!! Amazing, truly amazing. This afternoon, we had take-off! Such a precious moment, I can tell you. We went about the drills per normal and he simply wanted to 'get on with riding'.

I made the mistake of only just recently purchasing the elbow and knee pads which have really helped to bolster his confidence. A few weeks ago his mainstream Primary School had a 'ride to school day' and all participants received a special sticker. He said at that moment that he
wanted to ride his bike. Of course, he was still unable/unwilling to up until then. Instead, he rode his scooter but it wasn't the same experience.
Since that moment, the motivation has been there for him to learn which happened to coincide with lovely weather here at the moment whilst the kids are on school holidays, so we can have a go for 5-10 minutes whenever it's convenient.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of my heart. He is proud of himself and actually enjoying it - so nice to see. I never thought such a 'couch potato' would be loving it as much as he has today... I shall spread the word about Pedal Magic to other parents and especially those of ASD kids.

Kindest regards,
Leanne :-)


From: "Carlos Cruz"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

Hi Reginald,

Thank you very much for the bike lesson. My daughter (14 years old) has zero knowledge in riding a bicycle, i tried to teach her before but to no avail., she would fall most of the time and get frustrated. But after watching your video with my daughter and convinced ,we immediately went to a vacant parking lot and began practicing the balance control technique. After an hour of practice , to our surprise,my daughter was on her own pedaling her bike. Note that we even used a mountain bike with 20 tire size and 21 gear speed. I was amazed how she immediately pedaled the bike by herself. Next day she practiced control turning and braking for 2 hours.after 2 days of 2 hours /day training, she has gained enough confidence, my wife and i went biking together with our daughter on the third day. we had a great fun bonding and will do biking every week end from now on as a family affair.

best regards

carlos d. cruz
Las Vegas , Nevada USA


From: Veronica Siegell
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

Your video is so amazing...we were all so skeptical, and totally expected that I would have to ask for my money back...but we really had my [8-year-old] son riding his bike in a few minutes...Brilliant...we were so happy, especially him...It has been a struggle to say the least.....I thought he would never do it....Thanks for solving our problem....I am not sure why I could not figure that out on my own...It makes so much sense. Anyway, thanks again for this wonderful video.

[Veronica Siegel, Castle Rock, Colorado]


From: "Kosta Kaporis"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experiencee

I just taught my five year old and seven year old. I spend less than a minute on each teaching them ... Afterward I gave them a push and they started biking and they never looked back!!!

Thank you so much.
[San Marino, California]


From: ";Panayiotis Sarris"
Subject: [Pedal Magic] TESTIMONY

I have a son who is 5 yrs old and has a light form of dyspraxia. His therapists told us that learning to balance a bicycle would be a big positive step for him, and that it would help him in his coordination and balancing.

As a result I was trying to teach him over the past few weeks by using the most widely used method in my country, i.e. holding the bike for a few meters and then letting him alone. Unfortunately, it would not take more than 2 seconds for him to lose balance and fall down. We tried a few times but the fact that he could not make it discouraged him a lot and he stopped trying for a couple of weeks.

I realized that at this point of time he could not learn with this method so I searched the internet for some other method. This is when God helped me to find Pedal Magic.

The testimonies that I read helped me to go forward and try this method.

I saw the video a few times until the day we arranged for our first lesson.

While he was successful in the starting exercises, I found out that he had training wheels dependency (since he was using training wheels for a few months). After 2-3 extra lessons in order to remove this dependency, and while I was ready to conclude that this method did not work for him, he finally made it!

I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. Only parents who have children with disability can understand what I felt at that point of time. I was crying from joy.

After all the above I decided that it is my obligation to inform as many people as possible regarding this method. Further to this testimony I have promised to myself to inform as many ergotherapists/special educators (in Cyprus) as possible, hoping that another child may benefit as my son did.

Thank you very much, and God Bless you.

Panayiotis Sarris


From: Lynn Sawyer
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

I received your website from an occupational therapist that my 6 year old son went to see. She made the statement that having a child watch the video once seemed to be all it would take to have them up and riding. I finally sat down this weekend and ordered the video online. My son and I watched the video. We went outside immediately after the video. We practiced the ... We did each exercise until he could do ... Unbelievably he rode his bike on his OWN in 15 minutes!!! I will have to now tell you that he has been practicing and trying to ride his bike for a little over a year. We have run along side him and also used training wheels. Nothing worked. This works!! I will be telling all the moms I know that have children who are having trouble learning to ride their bikes. I still am in shock that it was so easy. I was very doubtful watching the video that it would be so easy but it was. Thank you! I now have a confident bike rider!!!

Completely Amazed mom,
Lynn [Sawyer, Thornton, Colorado]


From: Mrs Elana S Leivenzon
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

Thank you. Utterly fantastic. Have tried many times over the last few years to teach my now 11 year old to ride. He'd fall off a few times and give up. Combed the net for solutions and found you. We went to the park yesterday after watching the video, did the exercises and off he went. He did not fall off once in the hour we were there and he is now so proud of himself. He keeps saying "i can't believe i can ride a bike now". Thank you so much. He will now be able to go off to school camp and not be embarrassed that he can't do the biking activity. Regards, happy mum.

[Melbourne, Victoria, Australia]


From: "Joe Brondolo"
Subject: Thank You

Thanks to Pedal Magic my 5 year old daughter learned how to ride her bike this weekend. She was very dependent on training wheels, she used them for a year, and teaching her to ride without them took a little more time but we are all very happy. I am convinced I would have struggled to teach her on my own. Your video saved us all from a lot of frustration. She mastered the ... exercises very quickly. Then for about a week I had her practice ... After a few hours of this she started to balance on two wheels. I knew at this point she was ready to ride. She is one happy little girl. Her Mom and Dad are also very happy. Thanks again.
Joe Brondolo
[Deerfield Beach, Florida]


From: "Jodi Walters"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

I purchased this video this morning. It is my day off and I had promised my daughter, Elle, 6, that I would teach her to ride her bike this morning. We had tried last night, but it quickly ended in tears, skinned knees, and a sore back for Mom and Dad! So I purchased the video. My husband thought I was nuts and said Elle would just have to learn the hard way, like we did. I knew there had to be a better way. Plus, the scientist in me loved the physics of the whole idea. Well, by 3:00 today, she was riding her own bike without training wheels. She and I spent approximately an hour doing the drills. She was a training wheel user, so we had to break some bad habits... And just like in the first launch on the video, she took off. I know, right?!?!? She probably rode for about 30 seconds on her first try... She continued to improve each time she took off. She rode for about 2 hours. Then we went home and rested and at 6:00 went back and she road for another 2 hours. By 6:30 she was able to get the bike started without our help and was turning in both directions.

I cannot express how much we appreciate this video. Even my skeptic husband had to admit that he was wrong. The joy on her face and the confidence it gave her are heartwarming to us as parents. I cannot remember the feeling I had when I learned to ride a bike, but I am sure that it was an indescribable freedom. I'm thrilled to have experienced this joy with her today in a way that was not as traumatic as I had expected it to be...

Thanks again. It helped us have a great day and wonderful memories. We will be trying it next week with her little brother.

Best regards,
The Walters Family

Jodi Walters
[Toledo, Ohio]


From: "Jill Syphert"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

My six year old is stocky and has always been uncertain about her balance - I took them on a five mile bike ride two days ago, and she was leaning so hard on the left training wheel that the wheel is almost completely rubbed away. This was our third attempt at training wheels, and I decided there HAS to be another way. I started looking online and found pedal magic and was convinced after all the testimonials that covered such a vast range of beginners, all with almost immediate success. My daughter and I watched the 15 minute video this morning and we went out and took those training wheels OFF and threw them away. She was able to do the exercises completely correctly the first go through, but had to go through some of the remedial training wheel "untraining" before she was ready for the launch. I was almost ready to push her through her uneasiness, but thankfully allowed her to explore it on her own, and within the hour, this girl was RIDING!!! The rest of the day she was outside on her bike (in the rain) with a perma-grin on her face.

My five year old was watching all this - viewed the video, watched her sister ride within the hour - and was ready for her exercises, too! She saw
I had taken the training wheels off her bike, and strapped her helmet on. She's got a little longer of the training wheel "untraining" to do, but
she's determined, and ready to go!

Jill in Maryland [Ft. Meade, Maryland]


From: "sarah jahanzeb"
Subject: RE: ... Pedal Magic Experience








From: "Patrick Slowey"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

I would just like to say "Thank You" - I purchased pedal magic in 2008 for my oldest son (who just turned 6 at the time) - it worked exactly as advertised. Then, early this month ... I decided it was time for my youngest son to try - so I reviewed the drills and within a few short minutes, he was riding...

Your system works like a charm - I will enthusiastically recommend it to all.

Again, Thank You very much.

Pat[, Honolulu, Hawaii]


From: "Brice Fisher";
Subject: Pedal Magic Payment Received...|

Thanks for providing this service! My big girl (9) is already riding confidently, after just one session of teaching the techniques and a few days of practicing to un-train the habits she learned with her training wheels. Her little sister (8) is hot on her heels.

[Brice Fisher, Albuquerque New Mexico]


From: "Martin Dunn";
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

I have to tell you - I'm pretty skeptical buying online "amazing secret" deals but after my kids turned 6 1/2 and their friends were all starting to cycle I thought what have I got to lose

We have twin boys and this morning took them around my block and both put up inherent resistance when I let go.

I watched the video and did 5 minutes with each kid in my backyard. We packed up the bikes went to a large car-lot at their elementary school and we did a 1 minute refresher course.

We couldn't believe it when I let go and saw them take off and cycle around for 30 seconds.

It was a proud proud day in our household and I don't think it would have happened without the simple techniques the video explained.

It should be on the national curriculum in every school!!

Thanks again

Martin Dunn

San Jose, CA [California]


From: "Alisa Sobchak"
Subject: the gift that keeps on giving...

After teaching my 6 year old twins last spring (and my niece) in a matter of minutes, I just taught my 4 year old son. Took a little longer with him,
maybe about an hour, due to the fact that he doesn't pay enough attention to the bike and looks around at everything that there is to see.
Even after teaching the girls last year, I thought that his lack of focus would be an issue but this is such an amazing system, he nailed it. He is
so proud of himself. Thank you so so so much!

Alisa Sobchak
[Eldersburg, Maryland]

We took a short video clip (less than 800kb), which I would be happy to send you if are interested [note and clips on YouTube].


From: "Kerrianne Coe-Renner";
Subject: Great News!

I have to tell you this fabulous news! It?s a long story but you need some details to appreciate the gravity of this miracle!

Our 8-year old boy (Ethan) has mild cerebral palsy effecting his motor skills, muscle control, and balance. He also has a cautious personality and after two very bad bike (with training wheels) crashes (one involving a rose bush with lots of thorns), he really wanted nothing to do with a bike.

Six months ago we downloaded your program? then school started again and we lost our momentum. In early December, I (the mom) announced that what I really wanted for Christmas was for both of my kids (8 yrs & 5 yrs) to be able to ride their bikes without training wheels.

We made a family pact to spend 1 hour each Sunday afternoon, practicing their riding. My daughter was very excited and after just a few drills, was riding around on her own, leaving skid marks like a crazy girl.

Ethan did not want to but obediently tolerated an hour each week and after each not admitting to having any fun. But each week he progressed a little bit. He needed dad right next to him still but by the third week, Ethan was riding a few feet on his own.

The last two weeks we graduated from a secluded parking lot to a community bike path. Ethan did great! He even admitted that it was ~a little bit fun~. But the biggest milestone happened today. We went back to the park where Ethan had had his two big crashes.

Not only did he ride by himself, he said, ~Come on, Dad, I want to go around again.~ And Dad didn?t have to be anywhere near the bike...AND Ethan was able to start himself (no launching needed).

This is truly a little miracle for our precious son and for our family. What a big confidence boost! And what a great illustration for him to remember that sometimes you have to work hard to learn something new but with determination, practice, and the right strategy and tools, you can do it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you -- from the bottom of my heart. We know we could not have taught him without your techniques. I?ve already passed on your website to several friends. May God richly bless you!

Kerrianne Coe-Renner, [Monrovia, California]


From: Randy McKinney
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

Ushar Enterprises,

I admit I was skeptical. I have been trying to get my now nine-year-old son to learn to ride his bike for a few years now without any success. He was so freaked-out about falling and getting injured that he just wouldn't trust the learning process. I even tried taking the pedals off and coasting, etc. This was the main theme in one of your competitor's publications. No luck. Today we downloaded/viewed your video and then drove to the high school to put your drills to the test. My son was enthusiastic and engaged throughout the learning process, and when it came time to launch and "let go" (believe me that's no easy thing for a parent to do) he rode away and "got it". I can't tell you how proud and relieved I was.

Thanks a Million!!!

Randy M.

Sacramento, California


From: "jmmdh1";
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

My child is ten, has ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder], learning disabilities and is physically developmentally delayed. We've tried to teach her to ride a bike every year using traditional methods but never got far at all. She was embarrassed and felt bad about herself. With your method she learned in about ten minutes.

She was so excited and happy, and very proud of herself.

Thank you!
Julie Moore Salverian
[Vienna, Virginia]


From: "Chris Busch"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

Pedal Magic,

My 5 year old son is now riding on his own after a short 10 minute training session and then a dad assisted launch. Little wobbily in the beginning and we had to break some training wheels bad habits but he is now riding on his own. Before pedal magic, we went for about 6 months with training wheels going off and on while we struggled with his balance and fear. Now, he is the proudest 5 yr old around and really excited about riding more. Next stop, learning to start on his own and stop without crashing.

Chris Buschh
[Coronado, California]


From: "Jim Ducey"
Subject: RE: eUSTX111N5188006 Pedal Magic Experience


We watched the video; my daughter rolled her eyes and said I wasted my money.

We brought her bike up in to the living room, did the ? exercises a while...

Went to a big parking lot and she had a fit but in about 15 minutes was riding on/off. We left came back an hour or so later and she jumped on and was riding just fine, still a little afraid of turning to her right, and a little shaky on the kickoff.

What I think is funny is her repeatedly telling my wife and I, still ... that the pedalmagic doesn't work... so 15 minutes of effort and she is riding in left handed circles endlessly, suspect she will have it all down in another day or two.

Thank you,

Very satisfied customer!

Independence, Missouri]


From: "alma moore-egen"
Subject: 2429930. thank you

My son is aspergers and has had serious trouble with balance... It took him months of occupational therapist sessions to be able to run, skip or swing. I thought this method may work, but would still be frought with tears and anxiety. I was wrong: 20 minutes and he was riding. It has been 4 days and he is turning corners and starting off himself. Thank you so much!

alma moore-egen
[Kalamazoo, Michigan]


From: "Scott Hanni"
Subject: RE: ... Pedal Magic Experience

Like the others on your website, I could not believe it. My six year literally learned in five minutes and he had even used training wheels. I am getting ready to post this on my face book page to tell my friends about your video!

Scott Hanni
[Bluffton, Indiana]


From: "tim felker"
Subject: Re: ...Pedal Magic Experience

To all at Pedal Magic,

Look at the date and time I unlocked my Pedal Magic video and the date and time of this reply.

My wife and I have been trying to wean our 5 year old off his training wheels for about 2 weeks now. We were so frustrated and our son was scared and defeated. Every attempt inevitably ended in us being sore and tired and our son running into the house upset and saying he didn't want to learn to ride his bike.

After several days of considering your product we finally decided to purchase your video. After the three of us watched the video for the first time our son was begging to try it. Being late and near dark we couldn't go to a parking lot, but he was insistent. We went out onto our driveway to practice the two exercises and after five minutes he wanted to try to ride. We live on a cul-de-sac and have about one block before there is an intersection so we decided to let him try.

We have been watching him ride for the last 30 minutes or so and spent about 15 minutes on the phone with "papa" so our son could share the big news of his success!

Thanks and God Bless,

Tim [Felker
Kearney, Nebraska]
From: Ushar Enterprises Inc
To: "tim felker"
Subject: ... Pedal Magic Experience

Dear Pedal Magic Customer Timothy ... Felker,

Thank you very much for your business and goodwill. If you would like tell us about your Pedal Magic experience with teaching/learning bike riding, please hit Reply to this email and send in your story...


From: "Carmelita Becnel"
Subject: I learned to ride a bike in an hour!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pedal Magic! I never learned to ride a bike, and on my 43rd birthday, I decided to buy a bike. Needless to say, my attempts to teach myself to ride have been completely fruitless and very frustrating. I hadn't touched my bike for the past two months until after watching your video yesterday afternoon - within one hour I was tooling around open spaces and a parking lot! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited I continued riding for about 2 1/2 hours; I was like a kid who didn't want to come in from playing.

I had to do your exercises on my own, and they worked. I clearly remember the moment it clicked in and I just started pedaling and adjusting - it was a true moment of pride and achievement. I can't wait to go out again this afternoon and continue developing my skills.

Thank you, Pedal Magic - that was the best $... I've ever spent. I will definitely recommend this method to others.

Carmelita Becnel
[Lawrenceville, New Jersey]


From: "Shayne Newell"
Subject: RE: ... Pedal Magic Experience

I am completely amazed! I am 36 years old and never learned to ride a bicycle when I was a child, despite my dad running me up and down the sidewalk more times than he or I would care to remember. I really thought there was something wrong with me!

I promised myself that when my first child (now 7 years old) was old enough to learn without training wheels, I would learn too.

We decided that we were ready this weekend. We downloaded and watched the Pedalmagic video on Sunday, pausing it to perform each of the exercises. My son and I each got to try "the launch" only a couple of times before rain chased us inside. And we were out on our street, which made it a bit more difficult because the surface was not level.

Last night (Monday), we followed the video's ... Within 15 minutes, I was riding a bicycle. I couldn't believe it!

My son is still working on it, but it slowly getting the hang of it. Even my 5-year old can perform the ... exercise properly and tried a few times to launch. They are both used to riding with training wheels, of course, and they are both afraid of falling. To address this, we are using the suggestions in the video to help them along. I have no doubt that they'll be riding very soon, too. This will give our family a whole new way to spend time together.

Thank you, Pedalmagic!

Shayne Newell

Missouri City, TX


From: ";Madduxx"
Subject: Re: ...Pedal Magic Experience

Thanks Reginald!

Our story...

I spoke to some co-workers recently about working with my 6 year old daughter, ..., on her bike riding. One co-worker recommended your video to me. She has been in training wheels for 3+ years. The last month or so we've been occassionally taking her out to try riding without training wheels as I held on behind her to balance. After some painful back attempts ... She was always scared of falling and did not want me to let go. Eventually, she was getting the point of giving up and wasn't interested in trying with the training wheels off anymore.

After watching the video, with her, ... I practiced with her at first and she was spot on ... as the video showed. I was assuming she'd need some time to practice at first since she was so dependant on using training wheels. However, since she took to knowing exactly what to do from the video I took a chance and gave her a good start after only holding on a ~10 seconds our first time with her pedaling with the training wheels off.

Right away she was successful and was overjoyed she was able to do it. Very quickly she was riding and minutes later was working on getting started by herself, also successful after 10-15 minutes. In summary, after the practice ... we watched she was riding in just minutes! Now she is so excited to be riding and looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.

...We plan on skipping training wheels with my 2 yr old son once he's ready to get on his own bike and knows his left from his right. ;)

Thanks so much!

In Him,
Mike Patterson
[Houston, Texas]


From: "bill perry" ...
Subject: Thanks it worked.

In 1991 when my son was 5 his grand dad bought him a small 20 inch 5 speed for Christmas. It was a nice bike for someone who already knew how to ride, training wheels weren`t possible due to the derailleur, I even set it up as a freewheel fixed gear bike but it didn`t help. After several painful falls and total discouragement, he resigned himself to ever riding a bike. I would try on occasion to get him on one and try again. He really didn`t want any part of it but would do it just to lose his temper and reinforce the fact he couldn`t do it. He went all through grade school, junior high school and high school not knowing how. I found your website last week and downloaded the techniques... I went over the drills in the video. My son rode a bicycle today for the first time in his life, he is 22 years old. He was riding within 20 minutes. It was an emotional experience for me, this has been a big stumbling block in his life. I can`t thank you enough for this technique.
bill perry
[Carlsbad, California]


From: "Michael Bothel"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

Oh my goodness! We have been trying for years to get our son, now 10 years old, to ride his bike. His older and younger sister both can ride a bike but for him - there was just some mental block to it.

A friend of our told us about your program. We downloaded the program this morning - he watched the video with me this morning - and this afternoon we spent about 45 minutes and he is now riding his bike.

The look on his face is priceless - it's the best $22 we have spent in a long time. Thank you!!!

Michael Bothel
[Keller, Texas]


From: Robert Miller
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for making this video. It was really easy to follow and it works really really well. I was worried since my son is nine and almost ten that it would be really hard for him to learn how to ride his bike. He really wanted to but was really nervous the times we would go out and try. When I was researching better ways to teach him, I came across your ad and I am very happy I did. I took my son out to the back yard and did the balancing exercises and he seemed to be enjoying it and doing really good. So I told him we needed to go find a flat open lot just like the video says and he was really looking forward to it. Once we got there we did the balancing a few times more then just like the video I gave him a little push and off he went. He was riding by himself in less than five minutes. By the end he was starting and stopping all by himself and was doing great. So again Thank You for all your help. This was really an awesome help.

[Robert L Miller
Jeffersonville, Indiana]


Customer: Joseph Scarlata Jr, Holland Michigan
Student: M 7 Training Wheels Dependent
Found Pedal Magic accidentally on the Web.

Note on order
I am very skeptical, but really want my two sons to learn to ride.


From: Joseph Scarlata Jr
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

This product was absolutely amazing. I watched it once with my 2 boys and they were riding within 5 minutes. It was absolutely amazing. Thank you very much and it was awesome to see the look of accomplishment they had.


From: Walter Portnell
Subject: Re: ... Another Pedal Magic Success Story

... Our oldest daughter has dysfunctional sensory integration -- her senses all work, but her brain doesn't process them in expected ways. Particularly delayed are her kinesthetic senses -- balance and reflexes were a challenge. In her case, she's "hyposensitive" -- body movement things don't register with any clarity or detail. She has to use a thermometer to set her bathwater temperature -- she can't distinguish hot or cold safely. I won't tell you how long it took her to master self-toileting, out of respect for her easily embarrassed sensibilities. (On the other hand, she's hypersensitive to some sounds, flavors, and to hairbrushing. Every DSI kid has their own pattern.)

We bought a Pedal Magic videocassette in May 2002. We'd bought her bicycle the preceding Christmas, but hadn't committed to getting her started. Something about me disliked the training wheels; maybe it was the unexpressed memory of how much trouble I had re-mastering
balance after we took my training wheels off. I'd already taken her training wheels off, but when we tried the readiness test on her, she just wasn't there. So, we put the project aside, and the bicycle waited in the garage. (And the videocassette went onto an out-of-the-way shelf.)

This summer, she and her younger sister (now 13-1/2 and 6-1/2) have been clamoring at me to teach them to ride. The younger girl had outgrown the quadcycle I'd mistakenly let her use. So we bought a new bicycle for youngest, ditched the training wheels immediately, readjusted the older girl's cycle (it barely fit -- now almost too small!). I reviewed the tape, and then played it for the girls. We practiced the exercises in the house for a few minutes each... We took them to a convenient parking lot at the high school this morning and ...

... stop me if you've heard this one before ... :-D ...

... we practiced a few minutes again on each exercise, and then did a launch. Oldest girl [with dysfunctional sensory integration] took off perfectly, doing a nice long loop back to our parking spot with no troubles at all. She did three long runs in all, and was clamoring to learn how to self-launch, and then how to brake. It's totally amazing and delightful to us, and a baffling bit of normalcy in what has been a complicated and un-routine life for her.

Youngest didn't go quite so smoothly... I think we need her to ... [go through Pedal Magic's remedial exercises] ... (But she /wants/ so badly to self-launch, and brake, and the rest. It'll only be another few days of practice, I think. She's stubborn like her mom!)

But, all in all, one of the nicest sets of Father's Day presents I've had.

Our thanks to your family for sharing the amazing gift of Pedal Magic with ours and with the other happy users around the world. Warmest wishes for continued success and happiness,

Bob Portnell (and Casey (eldest) and Jackie (youngest)),
Sparks, Nevada


From: "Ray Love"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Experience

I tried your technique with my son today. Within one hour he was riding his bike unassisted. My son is nearly 10 years old and has struggled for several years to ride a bike. He has developmental coordination disorder and we were told that he would have difficulty riding a bike or may never be able to.

Thank You
[Edmonton, Alberta, Canada]


From: "Nancy Bennett"
Subject: Pedal Magic works again on the first try!


We used Pedal Magic to teach my almost-seven-year old how to ride two years ago, after all else had failed. (It took about 20 minutes)...

I decided to try it on my younger son (5 1/2 years old) on the first warm day this spring -- which was Memorial Day. He took a little longer than his brother (a half hour) as he was very conditioned by his training wheels.

I had forgotten that the video talks about doing corrective exercises for a few days if there is a real training-wheel problem. So when he didn`t get it in the first 15 minutes, I decided to just forget about it for awhile and do some training exercises instead. So we did about 10 minutes of training exercises and then right before we quit for the day I just asked him if he wanted to try riding by himself one more time. He said yes and took off and he`s been riding ever since!

Once again, thank you. We love you and Pedal Magic!

Nancy Bennett[, New Jersey]

From: "Nancy Bennett"
Subject: RE: Pedal Magic works again on the first try!

Here's a photo of my little guy on the day he learned to ride last month. (This was later in the day. We went to a parking lot to learn but he had to show off for his friends in the neighborhood.) It was hard to get a head-on shot because he couldn't start by himself, so I had to launch him and then run ahead to try to get the shot. :)

You can see how happy he is! :)


From: "Asgeirsson, Tammy"
Subject: RE: ... unlocked (Tammy L Asgeirsson)

I don't know how to thank you. My 11-year old daughter was black and blue from ankle to knee on both legs from struggling to ride a bike. She'd sobbed through two previous two-hour lessons. Five minutes after watching your video she was peddling around a parking lot, beaming.


[Wesley Chapel, Florida]


From: "Quint Net"
Subject: RE: ... Pedal Magic Experience

I must add to the testimonials, much to my sheer surprise!!

For background, my almost 7-year-old HATED riding his bike with training wheels - he was always very nervous when the bike "tipped". However, he was completely petrified at the mere thought of taking off the training wheels --- as was I. I envisioned frustration and tears leading to years of continued training wheel riding. I searched the Internet for solutions... and stumbled upon your website.

My son enjoyed watching the video, and practicing the techniques. After mastering the techniques, my son was still VERY nervous. He refused to be "launched" so my husband ran after him one time. On the next try, he was "launched" and pedaling by himself. We were all stunned. He continued to practice, mastering turns and stops. My son was so proud of himself; he even made award ribbons for my husband and me to thank us. I can't believe he learned to ride a bike without a single fall. It was one of our most amazing experiences.

My son first called your video "amazing", and then revised it to "stupendous". We can't thank you enough - and look forward to teaching our daughter soon!

[Brigid Quint, Long Grove, Illinois]


From: Johanna Torres
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic Experience

I am going to tell EVERYONE I know about our experience...My son is 9 years old and up until now we have had a hard time trying to teach him to ride a bike...Both he and I watched the video yesterday and went to a private place to practice. Today he is riding his bike in our neighborhood with his friends. Honestly, I wish I had this years ago...This is nothing short of a miracle and thank you so much for providing this...He said this was one of the best days of his life!

Johanna Torres
Bethlehem, PA [Pennsylvania]


From: vinay jacob
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic Experience

Dear Reginald

There is nothing more that I can mention than say that you must arrange for the link of your site to be prioritized in the various search engines for the benefit of those outside the US.

It was as scientifically approached as it can possibly be and the results are as promised, provided all issues are considered in the most minute details as have been mentioned in the video.

Great. Thanks for making the world a safer one for the bicyclist and the other road users.

[Dr] Vinay Jacob.
[Mumbai (Bombay) Maharashtra, India]


From: "David Edwards"
Subject: RE: Pedal Magic Experience

Hi and thanks for your great product!

My son Joel (age 6) had been riding a bike with training wheels but still had little or no confidence, in fact I think the training wheels were detrimental! He would lean to one side and use the training wheel on that side to hold himself upright. That's okay until that wheel hits a hole or a dip and then disaster!

Last night I watched the video alone then Joel sat and watched with me. Next we went out into the garden and practised the exercises for 15 minutes or so. Surprisingly he seemed to grasp the concept very quickly!

This morning we went to the local park, I found a flat piece of grass (football pitch) that was unoccupied. I went through the exercises again with Joel for about 5 minutes.

Within a minute he rode around 20 yards by himself, we continued several times more riding in a straight line with me launching him.

After around 15 minutes on the grass I took him to a small flat car park, I showed him how to start moving without my help, after a few attempts he managed to get himself moving without a "launch", within minutes he could ride in circles in either direction!

Thanks to your technique 18 months of frustration (for all concerned) are at an end!

[David Edwards, Rugeley Staffordshire, United Kingdom]


From: Virginia Wilcox
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic Experience

Follow-up ... We returned to the same playground today ... in the parking lot for the 7 and 5 year old to work on basic navigation while I worked my 4 year old. I did the basic drills with her once again and then showed her ... She did that for about 2 minutes. I moved her to the ... for a little longer. After about 8-10 minutes total drill time I did a launch with her. She was gone. There were several families close by on the grassy area for a soccer camp. A few of the moms had come over to watch my other two navigating the cones. Once my 4 year old took off and rode by herself a huge cheer erupted from the soccer crowd. (I didn't realize how many had been watching.) Several people approached asking me how I'd done this so quickly as they'd also been on site yesterday watching while I worked with my 5 and 7 year old. I have given them all your website with a very hearty and happy endorsement! I'm sure you'll be getting some hits from this!

Thanks again!
Virginia Wilcox
DuPont, Washington


From: Virginia Wilcox
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic Experience

I cannot believe how wonderful this system worked! I have 3 young daughters. We unknowingly started them on training wheels more than a year ago when they got their first bicycles. We don't ride often but every time we did my husband and I cringed at the wobbly nature of the bikes with the training wheels and the lack of awareness the girls had of how far the trainers stuck out...they continually flipped over or got stuck or just looked unsteady and unsafe. Perhaps that's why we didn't go out to bike with them more often. It caused us to cringe just watching.

I decided to try to work with my 7 year old yesterday to move away from the trainers. I raised them higher off the ground but it made us even more nervous to watch her wiggle and jiggle down the road. I came in that night and did an internet search for some solutions to the problem. I found your video and reluctantly typed my credit card number in thinking it was sure to be a waste of my time and money.

My girls and I watched it through once last night. Today after swim lessons we loaded up the van and went to the local elementary school. While my 5 and 4 year old played I walked my 7 year old through the drills (I didn't do the training wheel drill). After 1 session ... I pushed her off and she was gone...Literally in less than 3 minutes. Her only issue was starting off by herself which she mastered after about 10 minutes with ease.

I then called my 5 year old over and did virtually the same. It took a little longer for her to get ... the balanced drills but once she ..., we did the launch and she too was gone. She picked up the self start much quicker than my 7 year old but is still a bit unsteady on the navigational aspect. That will surely come with practice.

I made the attempt at that time with my 4 year old. She can do the drills but stops pedaling when I let go of her on the launch. We will try again tomorrow.

Needless to say...It was well worth the time and money. I had 2 out of 3 off trainers in less than 10 minutes total!

Thanks for a fantastic program!

Virginia Wilcox
DuPont, Washington


From: Peggy Allsman
Subject: Re: eUSTX111N5183392 Pedal Magic Experience

We used the method with both our boys; 10 year old Chris and 8 year old Jonathan. Chris had never had a big interest in bike riding, and resisted our attempts to teach him in the past. Jonathan had been riding his scooter and his Heelies (sneaker-skates) for some time so had more interest, but was following his brother's lead of nervous resistance. So we found a school on the coast that had flat, wide open area for practice and set to work. Within minutes, both had mastered the pre-riding exercises and we needed very little running and holding the seat to get them started. For Jonathan, it was easier, having the scooter balance skill. Once they were balancing on their own (5 minutes tops) they just needed practice. Chris took half a day to learn to push off and start on his own but in a few days they both doing well and turning, riding over grass and asphalt. The timing was right, and the enthusiasm was there. Thank you for this method. It was worth it to us to have a system to follow and to see such quick success!

Russ and Peggy, parents
[Fresno, California]


From: Radhikka Nagaraj
Subject: Thanks!!!

I am a 28 year old mom of 2. When I saw my 5 year old son ride his bike without training wheels, I decided I should too. In fact, it has been my dream for over 20 years. I have tried several times since I was a kid and failed. ... My husband bought this as a anniversary gift. I was very skeptical at first. I practised your exercise and in 2 minutes I was riding on my own. It is the best $20 investment. Thank you very much and hats off to you for coming up with this techinque.

PS ... downloading process ... took more than actually learning to ride.
Radhikka Nagaraj [, Bloomignton, Illinois]


From: "Lance Cross" <...>
Subject: Thank-You

From being almost 35 years old, I always avoided the issue of bike riding. After watching your video, I went out on my wife's bike and did the ...[first remedial drill], on the second way around I started peddling across the park, my wife fell down with excitement.

We figure it was less than 60 seconds before I was off and running.

(My steering needs practice)

But thank you so much!
-Lance [Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada]


From: Erica...
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic Experience

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that Pedal Magic was a great help to me. I am an adult who never learned how to ride a bike as a child due to a medical condition that has since resolved. I also have visual deficits including limited peripheral vision so needless to say I expected learning to be a big task. I am happy to say within 30 minutes of being on the bike, I was taking my first tentative unassisted ride halfway across a parking lot. After three 30-45 minute sessions, I am riding on my own- granted I still have turning and starting the bike on my own without coasting first to gain momentum to figure out, but nonetheless I am riding and no falls or adults running behind me holding the bike was involved in the learning process. So excited about riding a 2 wheeler that I am going to get an Electra Townie this coming weekend and getting rid of the cheap learning bike....I know I sound like a little kid in the candy store. Anyways, thanks so much for your help. I will definitely recommend you to anyone...By the way, the person who took on the task of "teaching" me says thank you for taking days or weeks off of the conventional learning process.


One Happy Customer [Erica, Richmond, Virginia]


From: L... Morgan
Subject: Re: ...Pedal Magic Moment...

Okay, it worked.

My 10 year-old, 93 lb. son and I were beside ourselves with frustration over his inability to ride his bike and my inability to support him [physically] as he learned. We hit a crisis point last Sunday night, both of us in tears. I googled "how to learn to ride a bike," on the off-chance I'd find something new and helpful for us. Hello, Pedal Magic. We ordered it right away and watched it once. We immediately headed down to the garage where we practiced the ... exercise, followed by ... He got it.

We practiced these ... daily, in the evenings after all our other activities (karate, baseball, homework) were done. We planned to test out the system on Sunday (Easter), when there would be enough free time, daylight, and privacy to fund our efforts. When we woke Sunday morning, the weather was cold and blustery, but my son was determined to give it a go. We watched the video a second time, then headed back behind our house to the industrial park (nobody in sight!); and I launched him. Once. And he rode. We spent the entire day, off and on, riding. And shouting for joy!

Completely remarkable. "Thank you" doesn't even begin to cover it.

L... Morgan[, Guilford, Connecticut]


From: "Delxino Wilson de Briano"
Subject: RE: Pedal Magic Moment...

Hello Reginald Joules,

Thank you so much for developing this wonderful technique. We bought our 10 year-old daughter a new bicycle for Christmas. She had a bicycle with training wheels when she was younger, but has not ridden for years. Now that she's 10 years old, and much larger, the bicycles in her size didn't come with training wheels. Well, THANK GOD we knew about your video. We all watched the video together on the computer yesterday and then went outside to begin the drills...

We were AMAZED, to say the least, to see our 10 year old daughter riding her bicycle yesterday within 15 MINUTES of watching your video. It was almost unbelievable!

Thanks to your video, she knew exactly what do to keep her balance on the bicycle. It has given her great confidence and taken the guess-work out of learning to ride. You should have seen the joy in her face as she RODE a bicycle yesterday, without training wheels, for the first time in her life.

Your video has helped our family have a very merry, enjoyable, and unforgettable Christmas.


Delxino Wilson de Briano
Atlanta, Georgia


From: "Karen Tweed"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Moment...

I am astounded at how quickly this worked! My 8 year old, who refused to ride his bike and hasn't been on it in 3 years because he fell the first time he tried, was riding his bike within 10 minutes! No kidding! My 6 year old took a little longer, because she has been riding her bike with training wheels, took about 2 hours to master it. It's simply amazing!!!!!

Karen Tweed, Fayetteville, North Carolina


From: Marie Schwager
Subject: Pedal Magic Believers!!!

Please add us to the list of customers thrilled, and astounded, with your product!!! Our seven year-old son has a physical disability that impacts motor planning/control and balance. Last Sunday (after a summer of "trying") he told me, "it breaks my heart when I see other kids riding bikes," so I splurged the $20. We spent an exciting Labor Day downloading the video, sitting with him watching it and riding within 45 minutes! Today, six days later, we all took a 2 mile ride!! We are all so excited, and can't thank you enough. We've already sung your praises to occupational, physical and speech therapists. And, as a teacher, I can't wait to spread the word to any parents who tell me their little ones are having trouble. Thanks a MILLION!!!!

Marie [and Charles] Schwager
[Pueblo, Colorado]


From: ...
Subject: Re: eUSTX111... unlocked (Jane S Trott)

Dear Inventor of Pedal Magic:

Thank you for making the video. I learned to ride my bike in two days!!!! With only two hours of practice time!!!! I am really happy to be able to ride my bike. I am not the only one I know that can not ride a bike anymore. At first I thought it would take months to learn but it only took two days! Most of my friends took more than two months to learn to ride. I am going to tell everyone about your video and tell them to get it so they can learn to ride in two days!

Your steps are very easy to follow. After a few tries my mom just let go, I did not even know she did! I just kept on riding. Now I do not want to get off my bike.

So Thank you again for your great video.

Catherine Trott - Age 9
[Danvers, Massachusetts]


From: "Fyresong"
Subject: RE: ... Pedal Magic Moment...

When our daughter was 4, we bought her a little bike with training wheels. When she was 5-1/2 we started trying to teach her to ride without the training wheels. We've spent the last 3 years trying to accomplish this using everything from encouragement, motivation, bribes and (though I hate to admit it) threats of losing her bike altogether. We had all given up and figured that she'd never ride. She had reached the point where she said "I hate my bike."

Today we bought your video.

We were a little freaked out by the 7 passes aspect, afraid that the process would be complex and we'd have to watch it several times and take notes and so forth.

We unlocked the video, watched it once and my husband immediately went outside with our daughter. He worked with her for 10 minutes, doing the second exercise until she could perform perfectly ... We then went to the high school parking lot, launched her and she was riding like a pro inside 30 seconds. A one minute lesson on the brakes, and how to start off and she was grinning ear-to-ear, stopping and starting and riding in circles all around the parking lot.

I have to say, when she rode up to me, stopped and said "Mama, I LOVE riding my bike" I knew that this was the BEST $20 I'd ever spent. Thank you so much for the joy I see in my daughter's face as she rides around the parking lot saying "I'm flying! I'm flying!" ...

Kathy Terry
[Armada,] Michigan


From: "Tim R..."
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Moment...

We have been so frustrated in trying to get our twin sons on their bikes. They didn't like riding them with training wheels the last few years. So they had given up on bikes - even with all their friends riding bikes. I just happened to find your site while searching for anything on the internet that might help. I was very skeptical that a short video really was a silver bullet - but it actually was!

We watched the video together and about 30-40 minutes later - they both were riding. I was totally amazed!


[Tim R..., Lakewood, Colorado]


From: "Felicia Ross"...
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Moment...

Dear Reginald,

We are SOLD on your "product." ... we are now true believers!!! Here's our story:

At the beginning of LAST summer (2005), our then-4-year-old's training wheels broke on his bike. They were so bent and warped that they no longer held him steady. This frustrated him to no end.

Our 4-year-old niece had just begun riding a 2 wheel bike (without training wheels-- she had a big brother to watch and copy) and we told our son, Ethan, that it was time for him to learn as well. We didn't want to buy another set of training wheels just to have them break and bend again.

Well, after countless efforts throughout last summer, he finally gave up completely and declared that he would NEVER ride a bike. Period. So, we bought him a 3-wheeled scooter.

This spring, we took out his 2 wheeler again and gave it another shot. He was clearly ready to ride, but just couldn't seem to get the hang of it. Fall after fall, he was frustrated. This morning, he threw in the towel and said, "NEVER AGAIN!" He got out his scooter and headed for the park. I brought him back into the house and asked my hubby to download your video. We had gotten the website information from a friend. We thought it was time to give it a try.

Our son watched the video with us... we put the bike in the minivan and headed for the school parking lot... Seriously-- SERIOUSLY-- in less than 2 minutes after doing this, our son said that he was ready. So, off he went. OFF HE WENT! Across the parking lot, all by himself, grinning like a chimpanzee the whole way. That was it!! He was off and riding.

We're still working on the launch. But once he gets going, he doesn't stop. Around and around and around he goes. He loves it, and we're so proud of him.

Thank you... You made our little 5 year old a very very very happy little boy-- and you made us very proud and happy parents!

Now, we have an almost-4 year old... we'll see how it goes with him. Soon! (First, I must recover from this morning!!)

Sincerely, Felicia and Doug Ross

Buffalo Grove, IL [Illinois]


From: "Irwin Cunningham"
Subject: Re: ... Pedal Magic Moment...

... We've been struggling for years with my seven year old to get him up and bicycling and been quite frustrated. After watching Pedal Magic, I took him to a nearby Church parking lot and
had him launched in about five minutes. He's in heaven! It's like we've given him wings.

I studied physics in University but never stopped to think what keeps you upright on a bike. Had often heard the "gyroscopic action" myth, but simply spinning the front wheel quickly shows how weak that force is. Brilliant insight! I'm teaching my five year old daughter next - with my son's now "expert" assistance - but it's taking a bit longer; she's been on training wheels and quite good at it for a while so we're working on the unlearning part.

Many thanks,

Irwin[, Fort McMurray, California]


From: Jack Lodi
Subject: Re: Your Pedal Magic Moment...

Today is Sunday March 26, 2006. I googled you, read your wife's post, purchased the very affordable video,
watched it myself, watched it with my step-daughter, and went to a parking lot.

Today my 15 year old daughter, who could not ride a bike is now a proud member of the bike riding set
after only 20 minutes of using your method. I CANNOT recommend you any more highly.

You simplified my convoluted previous plans with sound guidance and simple lessons. She has erased her
embarrassment and fears on a sunny Sunday and we owe it all to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Riding together in Sacramento.
[Jack Lodi, Carmichael, California]


From: Celia Pastoriza
Subject: Re: Your Pedal Magic Moment...

We've been trying to teach our seven-year-old to ride a bike for a year now!!! In desperation, I typed "my daughter is terrified to ride a bicycle" into Google and came up with the Pedal Magic link. We downloaded the video, and the next day watched it all together. Within 15 minutes she was riding. It only took one more day before our five-year-old was riding as well. Thank you so much for your clear, easy-to-follow video and instructions & for finally teaching my daughter to bike!

[Northampton, Massachusetts]


From: Christopher P Lawell
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic Customer Christopher P Lawell

I always meant to write and thank you for helping me to teach my 7 year old to ride a bike. We struggled for years with the typical- painful method.

I was about to give up when I did an internet search and discovered your method. The best $20 I think I ever spent in my life! I really mean it. Think about how much it means to a child to be able to ride a bike. 20 bucks, what a bargain.

I took my 7 year old out and worked on the drills with him for about 30 minutes. Then we went to a nice level parking lot and tried to ride using the techniques we had practiced. He was riding within 15 minutes! I about cried I was SO proud of him!

It gets better!

We brought his Mom and 2 younger brothers (5 and 2) out to show them what he could do. After a little while, I asked the 5 year old if he wanted to try. He said he did. Even though I didn't have much faith that he would be able to ride, we spent about 15 minutes working on the drills. He wasn't doing well at first, but when he was..., I thought we'd give it a try.

I got him up on his bike and walked about 20 feet with him and HE TOOK OFF!! Riding faster and better than his older brother!

It was one of the most exciting, rewarding, and proud days of my life!! (Not to mention, I was my wife's hero all over again!! LOL)

Thanks SO MUCH for the method!!

You made a fantastic impact on my children's lives!


Christopher Lawell [Amelia, Ohio]


From: "jeff courtman"
Subject: From a satisfied customer

Pedal Magic is pure magic! My son was the only child in his second grade class who hadn't learned yet and he was deeply embarrassed at a 'biking' party.

I tried one time the old school way, huffing and puffing beside him, assuring him that a fall wouldn't 'hurt too bad,' and thinking there's got to be a better way.

That night, we watched the pedal magic video together. The next day, after school, we found a big parking lot. 4 minutes ..., a gentle push, and he was off.

Now we're working on his 3 year old brother. May take him a few days because of training wheel conditioning, but know its going to work.

Thanks for an AWESOME product. Your simple insight into the physics of learning was really a stroke of genius.

Have already recommended to every parent I've seen this week!

Thanks again,

Jeff C [Shreveport, Louisiana]


From: "Bruce Dain"
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic License Info

You probably don't read this but just in case,

After a year of frustration, my son and I viewed your video this afternoon. Twenty minutes later he was cruising along on his own.

Previously, he used training wheels and was very comfortable. A year ago, we took the wheels off. The first day he was wobbly but okay. The second day, he fell down and scraped himself and lost all confidence. Since then
any time he approached the bike he got so nervous, he could not ride without help. I've lost count of the times we tried and finally we gave it a break. Today was the first day again and your video was invaluable.

Thank you so much!

Bruce [Dain, Poway, California]


From: Stein Family
Subject: ** Pedal Magic ... THANK YOU **

Dear Ushar Enterprises;

I am writing to thank you! The Pedal Magic process is really magic ... well, it certainly feels like it! We've been trying to teach our 6-year-old son to ride for around two years, on-and-off. Its been very traumatic ... two training wheels, one wheel, no wheels ... well we tried the lot. Running in front of, next to, behind him. Mom, Dad, Grandma. Nothing worked. He was really upset. I was desperate and looked on our favorite Internet search engine, came across your site, and was taken with the honest and straightforward language, images and
testimonials. I watched the video once ... worked with my son for 4 or 5 minutes in our garage on the ... ([2nd drill] which he got very quickly!) ... then off to the local church parking lot ... literally within moments of letting him go, he was off. It was one of the greatest highlights! We are all amazed. I have never known any kind of education to go from theory to practice in --literally-- under 8 minutes.

Thank you again, and please feel free to use this letter or myself as a reference, any time.

Pedal Magic ... is magic on wheels!

Tony Stein
Lafayette, Colorado


From: "AMY LONG" 
Subject: RE: Pedal Magic License Info

I just wanted to let you know how much your Pedal Magic video helped me and my daughter. We'd tried unsuccessfully to teach her to ride her bike on Friday night. I was exhausted after just 10 minutes. I knew there was something I needed to tell her in order for her to maintain balance, but I just didn't know what it was. I did a Google search for "teach a child to ride a bike" and came across your video.

I had no trouble downloading, testing and viewing the file. My daughter (almost 8) and I watched the video
once and then headed out for lesson 2 on Saturday. Because the bike is a bit big for her, and because she's been using training wheels, she wasn't immediately able to ride on her own, but she quickly got the idea of the
counterbalance exercise and I was able to help her for a full 45 minutes because she was doing much of the balancing on her own.

On Sunday morning, we went out again, and after 5 minutes she was riding on her own! Great
product and the website is very easy to work with. Well done and thank you.


Amy [Colorado Springs, Colorado]


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From: "Nick Stevens, Sr."
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic Success

Dear Usha & Reginald,

Thank you for your reply, your interest and again for your product. The experience definitely has NOT faded as I am still amazed every time my son gets on his bike - with or without us! I can't wait to get my 4 year old started but for safety reasons we're waiting until he can pay a little better attention to his surroundings : ) It's not as if he doesn't ask though! I think he's as anxious to learn as I am to teach him!

I'm very flattered that you put my email on your site. I meant every word from the bottom of my heart. While I didn't write it to gain anything from it, I hope you gain everything from it because you've made so many people so very happy. I wish you nothing but the best!

Nick  [N Charleston, SC]
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From: "Pat Shelby" 
Subject: RE: Pedal Magic 

I downloaded your video last Friday. I watched it once and then took my 5 year old son over to our middle school parking lot. He had been riding on training wheels for at least one year. We spent about 30 minutes going
through the drills. Then today, 3 days later, we returned to the parking lot - he hopped on the bike and began riding it!!! That was it!!!

I want to thank you!

I have a 3 year old son that I will use your method on when he's ready.

Thanks again!

Pat Shelby
Northfield, Minnesota


From: Allison Douglis
Subject: Pedal Magic testimonial

[First a note from the new bike rider, and then a note from her mother...]

Dear Mr. Joules,

I had been trying unsucfessfully to learn how to ride a bike for years when my mother found a link to the Pedal Magic website. Every time I tried to learn how to ride a bike previously, I injured myself in some painful way or couldn't even muster up the courage to tell the person behind me to let go of the bike. This time, it took less than ten minutes for me to be able to pedal by myself, after I had done some of the excersises demonstrated in the video that we had purchased! I couldn't believe it at first, but I was able to do it many more times with the same result... I'm so glad that I don't have to shirk from going biking in the park with my friends or from going on my own bicycle rather than a tandem when my family goes on bicycle trails anymore. Thank you!

Allison Douglis
Dear Mr. Joules,

For various reasons, my daughter, Allison, had found herself in middle school and still unable to ride a bike. We had tried on and off throughout the years to get her to ride, but it always seemed quite hopeless. (For two vacations in a row, my husband and Allison were forced to take out a tandem bike when we did family bike rides.) We recently decided to purchase a new, larger bike for Allison, since she is now adult height, with the idea that we'd make one last, concentrated effort this summer to get her to ride. We immediately found that it is not so simple to get training wheels for a large bike. I was, in fact, browsing the Internet, looking for adult training wheels, when I came across the news segment on Pedal Magic. I'm not given to throwing money away on Internet offers, but the news story lent credibility to your venture. Besides, I felt desperate, and $20 for the 
video beat $129 for adult training wheels.

We immediately watched the video and had Allison try the first two exercises in our house. These seemed to give her confidence, as had simply watching real people learn to ride on both the news segment and your video.
We had no time then to do the launch, but we found some time very late in the day to try. We first walked to a nearby parking lot, which proved not to be level enough to do the launch. Allison almost gave up at that point, but I suggested we walk a little farther to a perfectly flat school lot. On the way, we met up with a person we had not seen in some time, and rather than be rude to her, I stayed behind to speak with her, while Allison and my husband forged ahead. My friend and I had spent a bit of time catching up, and I was just about to leave her to walk on to join my family at the school lot, when I saw them returning. I mentioned to my friend that this could not be a good sign, and I thought then I had been foolish to think that your video would magically change things.

Well, I was wrong. It turned out that Allison had fairly quickly found herself riding, and she had come back to show me herself on the more uneven lot. She was actually proficient enough in that short time that the unevenness of the lot did not phase her at all, and I was absolutely amazed to see her riding. As she and I later walked back to our house, she had a look on her face that was a mixture of pride and amazement.

The Pedal Magic video was well worth the investment. Your method is so reasonable, simple, and methodical, yet it never occurs to most, if not all, parents to teach their children to ride bikes in this way. By the way, Allison and my husband estimated that it took under 15 minutes to get her riding.

Thank you,
Lisa Bahler [Basking Ridge, New Jersey]


From: "Aaron Brooks"
Subject: Pedal Magic Success story

Dear Mr. Ushar,

My name is Aaron Brooks. My son Danny, age 10 has wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle for a long time. I have gone through the frustration of trying to help him learn to ride with no avail. He was afraid to ride and
was making excuses as to why he did not want to learn to ride a bicycle. We recently purchased him a new "Chopper Style" bicycle thinking that it may again rekindle his interest in learning to ride a bicycle. He was lukewarm to the idea of learning to ride due to the past experiences with falling. I did a search on the internet on methods to teach a child to learn to ride. I came across your system and figured that the price of $20.00 was fair and if it did not succeed was not too much money to lose. I am delighted to report to you that after following your method my son was able to ride a bicycle today for the first time after practicing what was in the video in
less than 10 minutes!! I am ecstatic to say the least. He used a basic bicycle to learn on and after about 30 minutes of riding he was able to ride "His New Bicycle" for the first time. It gave me great pleasure in knowing
that he will now be able to enjoy the pleasure of riding a bicycle all due to watching your video and practicing the exercises in it. To say the entire family (His Mother, Sisters and I) are very proud of him is an understatement.

Once again thank you for a very simple system that was easy to follow and enabled my son to finally overcome his fear and accomplish something that he has wanted to do for years.

I will tell all of my friends and family about your system!

Thank you again.

Aaron Brooks [Lilburn, Georgia]


From: "Nick Stevens, Sr."
Subject: Pedal Magic Success

Dear Pedal Magic,

I thought that we would be the ones to prove you wrong. Instead, it was I that was proven wrong. My son is 7 years old and fairly big for his age - a little over 4 1/2 feet tall and about 90 lbs. I've tried just about everything to try to teach him to ride since he was 4 with no success. For that reason, neither he nor I had any interest after that. Recently, he's been getting upset at being left behind by all of his friends when they want to go riding so I figured I'd try teaching him again. He never got used to training wheels frankly because he kept bending them due to his size and by overcompensating. They were very flimsy anyway because they just don't make them like they used to - but that's GREAT because otherwise I wouldn't have found your system! Had I gone with the kind of training wheels I thought he needed, I would have paid at least $100!!

Instead, against my overwhelming skepticism, I ordered your video. After watching it once, I said "There's no way!" but what did I have to lose other than another $100? I sat him down to watch it once and we went to work. Granted, it didn't take 5 minutes for him to learn. I started to worry after almost 2 hours that even you couldn't help us. I then realized that we were just trying too hard so we decided to stop for the day. The next day, we sat and watched the video again, playing even closer attention, then went back outside. In about 45 minutes while doing the last steps of the system, he PULLED AWAY FROM ME! When I finally realized I was actually running to keep up, I stopped in my tracks in awe! Here I was, standing in the middle of our practice area crying my eyes out in disbelief. After 3 frustrating years, it only took a total of less than 3 hours. Where my son only had moderate interest before, he now BEGS to ride every day. I was so proud that my wife and I bought bikes so we can all ride together - which we now do every day. 

I can't begin to tell you how pleased and how appreciative I am. I've already told everyone about your system (even a woman we met in the store while buying our bikes who happened to be buying one for her child...with training wheels!) and can't sing its praises enough. I just "knew" this was gonna fail. I am SO happy to be wrong. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!!

Nick Stevens
N Charleston, SC


From: "Margaret Sager" 
Subject: pedal magic

My 4 year old daughter learned to ride her bike in less then 2 days. She wanted to learn how to ride her bike without the training wheels. We had been practicing for 2 weeks with no results. I didn't know how to teach her,
and she kept falling. The minute I would let go of the bike she would fall. I didn't know how to make her understand how to balance the bike. She was very upset and started becoming fearful of falling. I was getting very impatient and frustrated and not to mention very tired. She finally just gave up in tears. I decided to search the web to see if I could find something there that could help me help her. and I saw your web-site.
$20.00 was a small price to pay to make my daughter happy so I bought the program and my daughter and I watched it. after seeing how easy is was my daughter was so excided to try again. We did the exercises for about 15 minutes and then she took her bike out for a little ride. I notice the big difference right away... The 2nd day we did the exercises for about 5 minutes and before I knew it she was off riding her bike. She was so excided, she was jumping up and down and shouting mommy I did it! I did it! then she got back on her bike and started riding it around the block. She would shout to everyone that she passed how she had learned to ride her bike. You can only imagine how proud and happy I was to see my little girl happily riding her bike.

thank you so much!! 

Margaret Sager [Keller, Texas]


From: "Becky Hensley"
Subject: Pedal Magic

This is just another note from a satisfied customer. I have to tell you that your video was well worth the $20! My boy/girl twins just turned 7 and they had been riding bikes with training wheels for close to four years.
Initially, we did it because they are very tall for their age and outgrew tricycles at a young age. Then we got lazy and didn't push getting rid of the training wheels. Finally, a few weeks ago, peer pressure got to them and
they decided to try two-wheeling. It wasn't much of a success -- we used the Mom/Dad run along and hold the bike up method. 

Like others I've read comments from on your website, I decided the worst that could happen with Pedal Magic was that I'd be out $20. But it was amazing. Even though the video said it could take several days for hard-core
training wheel addicts to get the new system, my two were riding the first day. They remained a bit timid about it, so we've been practicing every day, and they like to start with the exercises as a warm-up. But by the second
day, they were riding for 10 or more minutes at a stretch without us running beside them. Our job was just to launch them again when they stopped. Now they are mastering the technique of launching themselves.

So in short, it's a miracle! Thanks so much. -- Becky Hensley [Palos Park, Illinois]


From: "Bruce Marlette"
Subject: RE: Pedal Magic License Info

We watched Pedal Magic on May 3rd and tried it out this past Sunday May 15th. After 10 minutes of doing the exercises, and a gentle "push-off" my seven year old was off and riding without training wheels. My daughter was a training wheel user and was still able to get going in minutes. Thank you for this great resource. I am telling all my friends!!!

[Bruce Marlette, Lilburn, Georgia]


From: Bill Rutter
Subject: pedal magic


Dear Mr. Ushar,

After an unsuccessful attempt at ditching the training wheels last weekend, I surfed the web looking for advice and stumbled onto Pedal Magic.

Didn't want to get scammed, so I checked around and the feedback was all good. My wife was skeptical, but when she took my son to a birthday party today, I downloaded the video and watched it along with my 6 year-old daughter. Got her bike out, lowered the seat, threw it and her in the car and drove to an empty parking lot. Spent 10 minutes going through the exercises, and on the first "launch", she was off and riding. Another 10 minutes, and she was starting off by herself with no help, steering and braking well- she had it licked!

Back in the car to go home and show mom, with a stop along the way for a reward slurpee!

As someone with a background in science, I could see the physics was correct before I ever bought the video. But how to turn that knowledge into information a six-year old could process, and more importantly, translate to physical movement? The exercises are the answer, and they are elegant in their simplicity. Best $ I ever spent... I hope you get rich, Mr. Ushar, you deserve it...

PS- will you please consider teaching GOLF?!?


Bill R.
Salisbury, MD [Maryland]


From: The Remingtons
Subject: Thank you!!

Dear Mr. Ushar

I just wanted to thank you for your video... My wife was one of the 1/9 adults who didn't know how to
ride a bike. Yesterday I took a chance and bought a bike for my wife's 26th birthday. When we were first married 6.5 years a go I put her on a bike in hopes that she would learn quickly and want to do it the rest of
her life. After the first attempt she was so upset with me that I decided that I would let riding a bike go for a while.

Today after watching your video, we practiced in the garage for 10 minutes, afterwards we went to a large parking lot and put the process into action. After working with it for another 10 min she started to pedal by herself. After another 10 minutes on her own she was doing laps around the parking lot comfortably. She now has more confidence and a willingness to continue riding a bike.

Thanks to you, she was able to accomplish something that she has been unable to do for 26 years.

Thank You,
Travis Remington and Family.
[Layton, Utah]


From: Paul Scott 
Subject: Pedal Magic!!


I'd just like to pass on our thanks for your simple yet brilliant technique. My son learned to ride his bike "with none babywheels" today...aged 3 years and 20 days!!! It took me about 4 hours split between a morning and afternoon session and now he is the talk of the street as there are other kids still hanging onto their training wheels aged 5.

Please find attached a picture of a very happy little boy - a day I will never forget.

To add icing to the cake, I promised him that as soon as he could ride his bicycle without training wheels, he could have a motorbike (he has had a 50cc quad bike since he was 2). Today, he rode a Honda XR50 motorbike with only a tiny bit of help from me - good job I had already bought it and hidden it in the shed!!


Paul Scott 
Buckinghamshire, England

Updating Mar 15, 2023: Customer Scott had sent this picture along with his feedback (Saturday, ‎July ‎31, ‎2004). We had posted it at the time, but did not realize that it had gotten lost in the shuffle when we changed ISPs a couple of times over the past 15 years.

From: yelena.bobrovska
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic License Info

As many other thankful customers, I would like to thank you a lot too! It did work!! My son is riding!!! After 2 weeks of frustration and "bad habits" (training wheels) for almost 2 years!

I don't ride a bike myself, but was able to teach him after watching the training movie once by myself and once with him. Third time we watched it just to review.

Here is my story. My son is 5 years and 10 months old. Him and his twin brother switched from tricycles to the bikes with the training wheels since age of 4. They loved riding!

About 3 weeks ago we took the training wheels off and started teaching them to ride without training wheels. One learned it on the 4th day, but the other did not. It was really frustrating. He did not want to practice. He hated even the idea of trying it, I was forcing him, etc. I felt so bad for him.

So last week I started searching on the internet for the training classes in our area and came across pedalmagic. I did not think twice. I thought I don't risk anything. I bought it.

First day (last Thursday) it was kind of frustrating. We watched the movie, went to the open area, did the exercises, he was ready according to the movie, did the launch, he did pedal 3-4 times!!!... But after this he could not do it again. Was usual story - tears etc. But it was late in the evening, maybe that was the reason, I don't know.

Friday we did not have a chance to practice.

Saturday morning we went to the park again, and that was a success!!! He did it almost right away. We kept practicing for about 45 minutes. He successfully did many launches. I intentionally did not asked him to start the bike by himself not to cause the frustration and have him be satisfied with his results and be proud of himself.

Then yesterday, Sunday, on Mother's day, we watched the movie 3rd time to see how the trainee started to ride by herself with no launch. Then we went to our usual place and he went on the bike all by himself from the first time!!

You made me a best Mother's Day gift ever! I was so happy and proud of him and myself. But it is really your movie which helped! Thanks again!

I would recommend it to anybody I know! (Already told today at work to some people).

Yelena Bobrovska
Chicago, Illinois


From: Tom Bane
Subject: Success!

Just wanted to let you know how great we think your product is! Our eight year old son watched the video twice and road without training wheels on the first attempt. He was disappointed when he got your video as a Christmas present. You should have seen how proud he was!

Many thanks!

Tom Bane
[Columbia, South Carolina]


From: ...@comcast.net
Subject: Re: Note on Pedal Magic order ...

Dear Ushar & Reginald,


My daughter & husband watched the video once, we discussed the principals of the technique with our daughter, and then gave it a try.

That was Sunday afternoon. In 5 minutes she was riding on her own.

Today, we took our bikes to a local paved bike trail, and she rode several miles - no problems. In fact, she was so confident that she decided to ride on ahead a little bit to check out the signs up ahead, because Mom & Dad were going too slow!

Thank you so much. This was the one hurdle in her life that she'd never been able to overcome, and it truly upset her. Now she's talking about riding new trails as often as possible, and feels so proud that she can finally ride a bike like her friends.

- Rebecca Jones[, Littleton, Massachusetts]


From: John & Kelly
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic License Info

Wow...she may not be Lance Armstrong, but after only five minutes she took her first solo ride. I am amazed. Her dependency on the training wheels is still occasionally visible, but I'm confident that she'll overcome that with a little more practice. With just a week and a half until the "First Grade Bike Rodeo", I think she'll be ready to ride.

I would have gladly paid $11000to see the smile on my daughter's face after she realized that she was riding on her own. Watch for sales of Pedal Magic to increase in the Sun Prairie, WI area. I will gladly spread the word.

Thank you,

John[, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin]

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To: <j..@...net>
Subject: Pedal Magic License Info

> Hello John Whalen,
> Thank you for ordering Pedal Magic. Please save your license activation codes listed below:
> Email address: j..@...net
> Order/License ID: ....
> Thanks and all the best,
> Ushar Enterprises Inc


From: "Ushar Ent Inc Projects"
To: Richard B. Sippel
Subject: Note on Pedal Magic order 51.....
My son has only one ear and we think he may have problems balancing because of it. Do you have any experience with this.


This is the first time since we started in 1996 anyone has mentioned this situation, so we are not sure if what is in this note will be of much help.

As you know, ears are key sensors the brain uses to determine balance, so we are not sure if your son will receive sufficient signals to determine fast enough that the bike is going out of balance; sensing that is necessary to be conditioned to take corrective action in time to keep bike in balance.

Our hope is that we don't know enough and that we are wrong. We also hope that in a situation such as your son's the brain has learned over time to figure out imbalance using all other sensory signals available to it. If that is indeed the case, your son will learn to ride with Pedal Magic...

...We do hope your son learns to ride, because to him it may be an important event in his life at his current age.

Many thanks and all the best,

Usha & Reginald Joules, Principals
Ushar Enterprises Inc

From: "Richard B. Sippel"...
Subject: Re: Note on Pedal Magic order 51.....

Hi, we tried your system with our son (the one missing an ear) and he was riding his bike within a few minutes. He still has to practice of course (especially turning) but we are very pleased with how this worked... Again, thanks so much and good luck with your business. Sincerely, Laurie Sippel.

[Montgomery City, Missouri]

From: "Ushar Ent Inc Projects"
To: "Richard B. Sippel"...
Subject: Re: Note on Pedal Magic order 51.....


This is such great news. Not a day has gone by since a few days after we shipped your order that I did not think of what must be happening with your son and his riding efforts. We do not like to intrude in our customers' efforts to solve their specific circumstances with Pedal Magic, so all I could do was wonder.

We think this means your son has developed other ways to sense balance. We hope he feels great sense of achievement with his mastering of bicycle balancing and that this has affirmed his belief that he can do anything anybody else can. Our hearty congratulations to your son!

We would certainly love to post your feedback email at our web site as many other children and parents can benefit from knowing about your experience. Ordinarily we post feedback with name and town of the customer. Would this be okay with you?...

...We do not want to be presumptuous...

Many thanks and best regards,

Reginald Joules

From: "Richard B. Sippel"
Subject: Re: Note on Pedal Magic order 51.....

We would be glad to indorse your product. We took Brian to practice riding after school today and in a few minutes he was chasing his Dad around the parking lot. I really thought that it would take another year to teach him, so this quick process made my husband and I both very happy. In addition, he wanted to keep riding instead of begging to stop as has happened before your system. Thanks again, Laurie, Rich and Brian Sippel


From: Carignan.Kathi
Subject: You've made believers out of us!!

I couldn't believe it! This weekend, I watched your video with my 5-year-old daughter. To be honest, I didn't think there was much to the video. It was so short and 1/2 of the information was about copyright! But my daughter GOT IT right away. We did the exercises for about 5 minutes and she said "See, Mommy, this is all I have to do" and she got each exercise correct right away. Then I took her down to the cul-de-sac, launched her and off she rode!! I was speechless! She kept riding for longer distances each time I launched her. No falling, no tears. Yesterday she begged me to go out to ride again. I'm still launching her but she can stop on her own, turn, and pedal like crazy--never falling. She is so proud to be the first one in her kindergarten class to ride a two-wheeler. I have recommended your site to several other moms in the last couple of days. I hope you get LOTS of orders! Thanks for a great product.

[Katherine S Carignan
Richmond, Virginia]


From: "Jon Pilarski" <d...@msn.com>
Subject: Another success story for you!

I just wanted to get back with you and let you know that our son rode his bike independently today for the first time!

We used ... with him a few days just to make sure he really had the hang of it before launch... and SUCCESS!

Thanks so much for your genius in creating this!

Diane Pilarski
[Granger, Indiana
TV news anchor, WWMT-TV, Western Michigan]

From: Brenda/Dave MacKay
Subject: MAGIC!

Your product is truly amazing! Within minutes my 8 year old son was riding around the parking lot unassisted! A product that speaks the truth...I am more than happy with the results!

Thank you..

Brenda MacKay Rowlett, TX

From: Warren & Lisa Kwasnek
Subject: Pedal Magic???

We began to feel our 5-year-old was hopeless and were skeptical about
your 2-5 minute claims.

After viewing the tape we received today, and performing ... for a few minutes - which our son grasped instantly - we put him on his bike. Within 90 seconds our son rode for the first time...!

The look on his face was something we'll never forget.


Warren & Lisa Kwasnek
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

From: Warren & Lisa Kwasnek
Subject: RE: Pedal Magic???
We were not charged any duty, probably because of the $5 declared value. The tape was delivered through normal Canada Post channels.

Thanks again...

-----Original Message-----
From: Ushar Enterprises Inc (Pedal Magic)
To: Warren & Lisa Kwasnek
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic???


We are very glad to hear that your son is riding and happy. Thank you very much for sending us your feedback. We will post it at our site as soon as we get a chance.

Many thanks and all the best,

Reginald Joules, Principal
Ushar Enterprises Inc

P.S. If you can tell us how much you had to pay Canadian Customs to get the video, we can post it on the pricing page, which other Canadian customers should find helpful.

From: Breaker, Donald
Subject: Another satisfied customer in Colorado
My 6 year old seemed ready to learn to ride her bike without training wheels and I was dreading taking them off and seeing her fall and get hurt (like we all did when we learned). I found your product on the internet and decided to give it a try. I made sure she could do ... I walked with her about 30 feet and gradually removed my hand. She was riding by herself, and learned to stop by herself in approx 10 minutes!!. Still working on the launch but had to let you know how thankful I am for your product. No scrapes, no bruises, just one proud child!!.

Donald C. Breaker
Senior Systems Analyst
SI International
Marietta, Georgia

From: Peter Bennett<br>
Subject: Pedal Magic order

Hello Reginald,

We received the videotape on Friday and watched it Friday night, and then again on Sunday.

My son and I went out to a large parking lot, and did the exercises.

About 45 minutes later we came back to the house, and I had to tell my wife that your assertion that it would take 5 minutes to learn to ride a bicycle was incorrect.

It took 2!

Patrick was ready. Prior to receiving your video, he and I had been trying, and he almost had it. I understand physics, but wasn't able to make him understand it. It was the exercises that did the trick. He did ... perfectly the first time we tried... I launched him, and he wobbled the first time, but went as far as he could the second time!

He was able to launch himself after 15-20 minutes of trying.

He only stopped cycling twice yesterday. Once to go home and get his mom and her godmother to come to the parking lot to see him go, and at the end of the day, because he was overheating (his helmet is a little too well insulated).

We're all ecstatic. Thanks for everything.

Peter Bennett
Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

P.S., I just read your note about the Canadian Customers.

"Caution Canadian customers: In June 2003 one Canadian customer reported that their Customs charged them $10 duty. We had never heard this before. We are now declaring the value of shipment to be $5 instead of $27. This is what we do when shipping to our UK distributor, since license and shipping costs are not assessed duty."

I got hit with the $10.00 too.

It isn't actually duty. It is about $5.00 for our Sales taxes (15% in Ontario, which your reduction in value will help) and $5.00 for handling fees (which your reduction in value won't).

A small price to pay for a great success.

From: Joy Grant
Subject: Re: Note on Pedal Magic order 51...

I had to write and THANK YOU for the video. My son is riding his bike!! He is just grinning from ear to ear and his confidence is growing everyday. My husband was amazed at how easy it was and how quickly it worked. He was the biggest skeptic on how a video could help and that I bought it over the internet. Well, my son riding his bike without assitance and not wanting to stop (when we used to have to make him practice on his training wheels) is proof enough that your system works! It was worth every penny and we will recommend the video to everyone we know! My son practiced his excercises for a few mninutes a couple of days. Then I worked with him - coaching just like it says- for a few minutes one day until I was confident his instincts had been corrected. Then we did the launch. Within a few minutes, he was riding. No tears, no running, no terrible falls! He road in the parking lot last night until we made him stop. He now is asking us to let him ride everyday! It really works! Just a simple concept that can be learned and practiced. My son, husband and I all thank you!

Joy Grant
Greer, South Carolina

From: Dawn C. Bowyer
Subject: Pedal Magic Success!

Dear Mr. Joules,

Thank you for sharing your information with me. Thanks to my mother I got your video. I remember when I was 8, my father and I would go out for me to learn to ride. We would come back an hour later with me scraped up and my father tired. We would both feel so frustrated. We got the video on Friday afternoon. After I watched the video, I immediately tried the ... exercises. I did very well with them. After that I was anxious to ride my bike. My family and I found a nice flat parking lot that was empty. My father did the Launch and I went riding! Just like you said, it took me less than five minutes! I could feel the air rushing past me and it felt so cool to be going so fast! I was amazed. I only crashed three times that first evening. Each time I've crashed it was because was I was either going too fast or I ran into a curb. We went out the next night and my family and I had a picnic. I only crashed once that time and I was able to launch myself and mastered left and right turns. Thanks to you, now I can ride to the country club pool with my father and I can ride in the Fourth of July Parade with my Cub Scout Pack 82. You have helped me alot.


Bryant Bowyer, age 10
Arlington, Texas

From: Dawn C. Bowyer
Subject: Re: Pedal magic in TX

Dear Reginald,

What a wonderful gift you have given in your development of Pedal Magic! We have had a delightful experience with our son and the thrill of seeing that smile of accomplishment when he pulled up after his first Launch will never be forgotten! The frustration and avoidance of even the subject of bike riding that has been the proverbial "elephant in the living room" for the last two years is gone for good.

On our second night out, we had a family "tailgate" pizza party in the parking lot while Bryant rode. Our four-year-old has watched the video, but was on the sidelines, since his older brother's smaller bike (which was never ridden), is still just a little too big for him. So, he provided the color commentary: "And there goes Bryant, on his bicycle. He's slowing down; he's making the turn, YES! He made it. Bryant is in the lead! He's going really fast... He is going to win!" This went on throughout the evening! Brendan is now eagerly anticipating his first ride, and Bryant has declared that when he has children, he's going to teach them the "Pedal Magic way". Your legacy will live on for generations! What an accomplishment!

I tell my boys continually that intelligence without the application of common sense will only take them so far. Thank you not only for simplifying the process of teaching our children how to ride their bicycles, but proving that by thinking things through, real problems can be solved! I will be using you and Pedal Magic as an example for years!!

Last, but certainly not least, please tell your wife "thank you" for the motivation SHE provided, all those years ago!

With much gratitude,
Dawn Bowyer

From: Michael Leierer
Subject: Bike ride

Well we ordered your tape a few weeks ago...and today my son(almost age 11)rode a bike for the first time. It was so great...and he feels so good about it all he wants to do is ride...we started out watching the tape...then I had him practice..and then we did the practice with him until it seemed he had it down..I can't believe it!!!!

then today we launched him in our alley and I could tell he had it...but there wasnt'alot of room...so I suggested we go to the school parking lot...and...that was it...he was gone...even went around a corner..

he didn't want to stop..tonight at dinner he said he didn't know if he could have done it without getting the tape...

who knows...but the simple instructions on how to keep your balance....etc. and using the large area to ride...whatever it worked..I couldn't stop jumping up and down...

he finally admitted he was alittle embarrassed not being able to ride...never really told anyone of his friends..so his self confidence is boosted..

thanks again...

Carol Kromer


From: Jack Sugrue
Subject: We are impressed!!

My daughter just turned 13 and for various reasons we never taught her to ride. We bought her a bicycle this weekend and I spent hours Sunday running along side her, trying to teach her balance.

That night I found your web site, the tape arrived this afternoon and a short while later she was riding around the neighborhood. Yours is truly a product that delivers on its promises.

By the way, I see from the website that you are now located in Frisco. We moved from Plano to Lincoln, NE last year.

Thank you for your hard work - hope your business prospers.

Jack Sugrue

From: Rick and Pam Ehrlich
Subject: Thank you for the incredible video

Thank you so very much for your process of learning how to ride a bike. Our son is 7 years old and has Asperger Syndrome. Motor planning has not been a strong point for him and his occupational therapist recommended your video. The exercises made him much more aware how to move his body and how to steer. Even though he had used training wheels for years, he was still able to learn how to ride over this weekend. He is so excited and we are very proud of him. It is just wonderful that this could be such a positive experience for him. I plan to tell all my friends, especially the ones whose children struggle with gross motor planning, that they need to buy your video. Riding his bike like everyone else is one way that our son will now fit it.

We had one question. We have a 5 year old daughter and we are uncertain if we would need to buy another video in order to lawfully use the technique with her. We want to do what is right and know we want to use the technique with her.

Thank you for creating such a valuable approach and for taking the time to make it available to people through video. I can't tell you how thrilled we are.

Pam Ehrlich
[Saratoga, California]

From: Schulke, Mindy J
Subject: Pedal Magicc

Thank you, thank you, thank you millions.

You have saved the heart and pride of a 10 year old boy.

My son did not have a natural instinct for riding a bike and he had given up. Since he is a 'brainy' child, the scientific approach of pedal magic interested him. Within 1/2 hour of pedal magic techniques, he was pedaling on his own! And I had tears in my eyes. Every child deserves the feeling of 'flying' when he/she rides a bike.

FYI: My son invented two extra 'transitional' steps to the method...

I really can't thank you enough.


Mindy J. Schulke
[Arden Hills, Minnesota]

From: Muguet Bradbury
Subject: Thank you ...Thank you...Thank you!


I am sending you this email to thank you with all my heart for creating the pedal magic video. My 36 year old husband was convinced he would never ride a bike. He had tried as a child and was unsuccessful. Now that we have two daughters (one who learned without pedalmagic and one who will learn soon with pedal magic!!!!), he wanted to try again. We bought a bike and I tried to teach him the hard way (running along side him, trial and error, etc.). All he got was bruises and frustration.

Then we ordered the pedal magic video. I watched it and the simplicity of it brought me to tears. I vowed to try it with him. We went out to the school parking lot and within 25 minutes he was riding the bike! Since he's much bigger than I am, I had to use some of the alternate methods, but they worked just as well as the one for children.

Thank you so much again...we will always be grateful that he learned how to ride from pedal magic!

Muguet Bradbury
Lawrenceville, GA

From: Kolb, Fredric R.
Subject: RE: Note on your Pedal Magic order


The note went on to say that he is a bit of a "chicken" about biking, but that I could relate because when I tried to learn to snowboard [one absolute complete failure!] I was thinking about how I would fall as soon as I was in position to start.

Not surprisingly the Pedal Magic method worked just as you promised. It has to work because it completely captures the process that is fundamental to biking. As a professor, I am in awe of your ability to capture the essence of a complex activity and transform it into easy to follow procedures/drills/exercises.

Thanks for bringing happiness to my wife and I and great satisfaction to our son. Now if you will just do a SnowboardMagic tape, you will be my hero for life!

Fred Kolb
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

From: Kevin Rochlin
Subject: Unbelievable

I cannot believe how well this system worked. I am an engineer, and when the movie got to the physics of the system, I could not believe how simple the idea was. I also realized that I would never have thought of it. My son was up and riding within 15 minutes... To remedy that, we played Jedi with a yard stick... After doing that for about a minute, we were back in the saddle, and following the system were on our way. Thank you.

Kevin Rochlin
Seattle, Washington

From: Gary Hopkins
Subject: Pedalmagic works........!


I just wanted to relay my experience with your product "pedalmagic". My girlfriend is from Thailand and has never ridden a bicycle. I have been trying to teach her for several months now with very little success. I recently bought her a bicycle for her 40th birthday hoping it would inspire her to want to try harder to learn. After several failed attempts and sensing her increasing disappointment I decided to search the internet for help and stumbled across "pedalmagic". I was skeptical but I thought "what the heck", I'll risk $20. to see if it works.

My girlfriend and I watched the video first, we rented a small bike to practice with. We practiced the two exercises exactly as suggested in the video, I started her out with the launch.......and she rode. Just a little to begin with, but she progressed quickly! She wanted to ride her own bike so we took the rental back and she started on her own bike. We went slow and practiced the exercises a couple more times. Within an hour she was going on her own and she was smiling and enjoying herself. She still has a little difficulty starting on her own but even that is improving rapidly.

I didn't really expect the video to work as well as it does and she didn't think she would learn as fast as she has. The bottom line is, Pedalmagic works EXACTLY as you said it would. I would recommend it to ANYONE who is going to teach someone to ride or who wants to learn themselves. Thanks again.

Gary J. Hopkins

Seattle, WA.

From: Paul Hilbink
Subject: Wow - a satisfied customer

Dear Pedal Magic:

I was fascinated but skeptical when I saw the website. But I had heard great things about the video, so I ponied up my $19.00 and took it home from the local bike shop.

My son watched the video once last night. We went to our local school this afternoon and he practiced on his bike for 5 minutes. After that I launched him. I ran along side him for 10-15 feet and then realized I wasn't hanging onto his bike, so I stopped and watched him pedal around the parking lot for the next 15 minutes.

This video is worth every penny. The technique is so simple - as an avid cyclist for the last 35 years it made perfect sense to me. And it obviously made sense to my son - he can hardly wait for tomorrow so he can ride some more. The grin on his face was worth it ten times over!

Thanks so much for a product that actually works.


Paul Hilbink
Denver, CO

From: Ashwin R...
Subject: Thank you Pedal Magic

Dear Pedal Magic,

This summer, my wife decided to learn biking for the first time in her life. So we bought a comfort bike and I started to teach her. She is in her mid 20s and has found it extremely difficult to even balance the bike. I have also found it difficult to teach her to balance. After a few attempts, I concluded that it would take a lot of effort by me and all summer long for her to learn to balance and bike around. She came across your website and after reading a few testimonials, we decided to buy the Pedal Magic video cassette. We got the cassette yesterday and watched the short 15 mins video. At first, I wasn't sure how it would help her but once she practiced the exercises as seen on the video for about 10 mins, she could balance herself and started to bike short distances almost immediately. This has immensly boosted her confidence to bike and I'm sure she will get better at biking very soon. I am very proud of her and thankful to Pedal Magic for helping her get the balance and confidence to bike. Thanks once again.


Ashwin R... , Akron, Ohio

Note on order from customer:

Because we lived in apartments until our daugter was school aged she never had the opportunity to ride even a trike. Now at almost 9 she is afriad to ride a two wheeler and I am not looking forward to trying to run beside her as I don't think I would be able to hold her up. She told me today she is embarrassed that she cannot ride and I went to the web to research some solutions. We both have our fingers crossed that this will work.

----- Original Message -----
From: rebecca e...

Dear Pedal Magic,
I am an 8 year old girl, almost 9, and did not know how to ride a bike. Then my mom bought me a used bike that was smaller and easy to reach the ground. We watched the video and went out and tried the exercises in the back yard. Two days later we watched the video again and I took my bike out and practiced the exercises one more time at a parking lot. Then my mom launched me and I thought she was still hanging on because she was jogging beside me but I saw her shadow and that her hands were not on my bike and I was so surprised that I stopped pedalling! It took about 5 more launches before I knew that I could ride across the parking lot by myself. My mom said she could not believe that 10 minutes after getting to the parking lot I was riding by myself.

I've been out 6 times so far and have never fallen, and can already launch myself on flat ground.I am really, really glad I can ride my bike and I am not embarrassed any more. Now I just have to practice learning to steer straight on a sidewalk!

Wendla S.

P.S. from mom - I admit to some apprehension when I saw the video was only 17 minutes long and the first section seemed primarily about copyright. It is amazing to me that on the first day out, after using ... for about 1 minute, she needed only a few launches to get going. I suspect my own nervousness in letting go actually impeded her initially as I hung on with my fingertips more than I needed. She asks to go out to the parking lot every night and is obviously pleased with her success. Thank you.
Rebecca E. [,Guelph, Ontario, Canada]

From: Keith H...

Dear Usha and Reginald,

I would like to order 2 copies of Pedal Magic.

No. of copies: 2
Georgetown, TX 78626

My daughter is 11 and learned to ride a bike today in 10 minutes after watching Pedal Magic. We were thrilled. I have tried to teach her off and on for 6 years, and never had any luck. She's had three different new bikes. But after watching the video after my step-daughter had learned from it a few weeks ago, it worked like a charm.

You have a great discovery here, and the story of opposition from the bike industry on your website is amazing. I only hope that for other frustrated parents out there like I was that more people in the media will pick up on your video.

--Keith [, Georgetown, Texas]

From: David S. S...
Subject: Pedal Magic testimonial

OK here's another testimonial for your archives. After several very modestly successful attempts at teaching my 7 year old to ride, I bought your tape. Always suspect about things purchased sight unseen over the internet I figured for $19 what the heck.

My daughter and I watched the video this morning, did the exercises as directed, and indeed within 10 minutes she was riding. She now has the confidence to practice and become more and more comfortable with her bike.

Thanks for a great product.


David S. S...
Hanover, New Hampshire

From: steve.e...
Subject: Pedal Magic

Hi & a big thank you,

I live in England and recently purchased Pedal Magic. It arrived promptly and I watched it once.

1 hour later my son (aged 8) and I (too old to disclose) were at the school playground. I followed the instructions, as did my son, and 15 minutes later he was riding unaided.

2 weeks later my son has a new bike and a new found freedom.......MARVELOUS!

If you're not already selling it in the UK, then maybe you should be. In fact I wouldn't mind the opportunity myself; how does one become a reseller?
Kind Regards
Steve E [Baldock, HERTFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom]

From: Wendy...
Subject: pedal magic customer

I just wanted to say thankyou for teaching my five year old son how to ride a bike! I really did not think that it would work, but I thought, "what the heck, it is gaurenteed." We watched the video, did the exercises, and about 2 minutes later- our son could PERFECTLY ride a bike! He has had training wheels on all his bikes since he was 2 years old, but he learned without them because of this video. It was definately the best $20 I ever spent. I have been telling all my friends to order a video too! It was so relieving to finally throw those training wheels away! It was also reassuring that he NEVER fell down! No scratched up knees or elbows! He just got on and rode! Thanks again!
Wendy [Daniel]
from Cortez, Colorado

From: DAVID S....

Dear Pedal Magic,

I bought your tape in Denver after seeing it on the internet. My wife is from the Philippines and had never ridden a bike in her life. I do a lot of long distance road riding, and my wife finally wanted to learn to ride to spend time with me. I did the old hold her while she learned to ride and we got nowhere. It's hard to teach a 35 year old how to ride without knowing really what to do. The same day I went out and got pedal magic. We had to teach her on a high performance road bike even though the tape suggested not to, so it took a bit longer, but within a half an hour she was riding her bike!! Pedal Magic saved me and my wife a lot of time and frustration. She says the exercises in the tape really helped her to learn to balance. She has a lot to learn still, but she now knows how to ride and keep her balance on a bike that's higher than normal and has thin tires. Thanks a lot!!

Dave and Jenny S...[, Denver, Colorado]

From: Roosevelt E. L...
Subject: Praise

I returned from vacation overseas (Holland) and was quite impressed with the usage of bicycles as a primary means of transportation. As an adult unable to ride a bicycle - it was a catalyst to immediately learn.

I purchased my Pedal Magic video from a local retailer a few months back, watched it and never executed. Upon returning from vacation - I decided to pop in the tape and borrow a bicycle to practice. I completed the first phase in the privacy of my home, completed the second phase with the assistance of a larger friend (not as simple as a full grown adult) which lasted approximately 10 minutes, completed the final phase in approximately five minutes.

This product works - take it from me a 30 something adult who doesn't believe in any quick fix solutions (only purchased this video because of the guarantee) - who can now ride a ten speed bicycle after 20 minutes thanks to this video. As a single adult city resident - I highly doubt I would've modified a bicycle with training wheels to accommodate me nor embarrassment in the crowded local parks. This video allowed me to learn quickly and blend into the rest of the world. Thanks Pedal Magic!

EL[, New York, New York]

From: "Ushar Enterprises Inc"
Subject: Note on your Pedal Magic order


We saw the following note on your order:

Two days ago our family went with my daughter and I to watch her learn to ride a bike. I ran and ran until I was mad and she was disappointed almost to the point of crying. I look frward to it being a good experience. Thank you in advance.

Hope this turns out to be a drastically different experience for everyone! Since your daughter has developed training wheels dependency, you may have to get her to do the remedial exercises as described on the video.

Thanks and best regards,

Usha & Reginald Joules
Ushar Enterprises Inc

----- Original Message -----
From: Scott & Lisa S...
Subject: What a day!

We recieved our video today at noon. By the time school let out, my 5 year old could ride a bicycle and we brought a cheering group (including my eight year old) from the elementary as Jane (5 yr old) showed off her new found talent. Last Sunday I was so frustrated I wondered why I even bothered. Tonight I had to beg her to stop riding because we had to go home and get to bed. Thank you so much. If you have any videos on potty training let me know. : )

-Scott[, Murray, Utah]

From: Donna S...
Subject: Your Product Is WONDERFUL!!!!

Dear Sirs;

My name is Donna S..., I have an eight year old son that my husband and I despaired of ever learning to ride a bicycle. After a search of help for training kids to ride a bike, we got your site, we were skeptical but desperate. Your training tape arrived in just two days of ordering, we sat down with our children (ages 8 and two 5 year old twins) and we all watched the video. The next day our son went out to his bike and did the ... exercises, then he got on his bike.....and RODE IT!!!!! I can't thank you enough for your product. We'll tell everyone we hear about having trouble with a child riding a bike, to visit your site and order the video.

Have you ever considered contacting the QVC shopping network with your product? Anything that works as well as this training video needs to be available to the public.

Thank you so very much!

Donna S...
7... Grove St
West Point MS 39773

Note on customer order:

We have a nervous trainer wheel dependent son who will not play out because all his friends can already ride. With a long vacation looming it will be great to have him riding and independent. Thanks in hopeful anticipation

----- Original Message -----
From: Alex Ai...

Dear Reginald,

I was skeptical regarding the Pedal Magic claims but am a complete convert. After 15 minutes my 6 year old son Alex (this is his email address) was riding unaided. After 2 weekends riding alone he is now happy to be out in the street with his friends. Fantastic. His 4 year old brother starts the programme next week.



Stuart Ai...
PE28 0UN
United Kingdom

From: TINAA...@aol.com
Subject: IT WORKS !

I honestly had my doubts about this video, but it works! I originally came upon this website because I was frustrated and was looking for a school or instructor who teaches children bicycle riding. My husband is deceased and although my son is only 6 years old and small in size, he was too heavy for me to handle... My son also needed extra practice because he was a victim of training wheels. Together we watched Pedal Magic twice, and during spring break we visited my parents. My son and I brought along Pedal Magic. We all watched the video together and my father assisted my son with ... in two short sessions... After two launches my son became a bicycle rider... My dad and I found ourselves jumping up and down screaming. A very special moment indeed. Before Pedal Magic my son and I both would tire quickly and most importantly my son became discouraged. The day of our launch we had to make him stop. Now we look forward to bicycle riding, thanks to Pedal Magic. tinaa...@aol.com

[Alison D..., Asheville, North Carolina]

From: Val A...
Subject: Pedal Magic Success

Dear Pedal Magic,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We have struggled for two years trying to get our son over his fear of riding. Your techniques gave him the confidence that the "School of Hard Knocks" never did. We received the video on Saturday and watched it with our son on Sunday morning, and off we went to the local public school playground.

He completed the first two exercises in the first five minutes. As we attempted "The Launch", I noticed that he was favoring one side and had him practice ... I turned my attention away for not more than five seconds and when I looked back at him, he was riding all over the playground. Later that afternoon, our entire family went on a six mile ride.

I can't thank you enough for showing us this simple way of achieving this milestone in our child's life, and bringing the joy of bicycling to our family. I will forever preach the benefits of your program.

Respectfully yours,

Val J. A...
Burbank, California

From: "Ushar Enterprises Inc"
To: [timh...@ev1.net]
Subject: Note on your Pedal Magic order

Hi Nancy,

Saw the following note on your order:

I (Mom) am getting involved in cycling and was searching the web for info on buying a road bike for myself. My six year old daughter has had many frustrations with trying to ride,she gets scared when her training wheels slip (frequently) and I have considered buying a replacement pair while my husband thinks they need to come off. I cried while reading the testimonials. I order this with high hopes! I think my 3 1/2 year old son might be ready too! Nancy

Reading your note made me want to go back and look at the testimonials. Many of them are very touching, aren't they? It reminded us how fortunate we are to be blessed with this opportunity to touch so many families in a very positive way.

Hope you received the package okay and that everything is going as expected.

Thanks and best regards,

Reginald and Usha Joules
Ushar Enterprises Inc

From: Tim H...
Subject: Fw: Note on your Pedal Magic order

15 minutes, that's all it took! We watched the video twice, did the exercises, and on Monday headed for a parking lot. She did the exercises again and within 10-15 minutes of launching was riding all on her own. The first two hours she favored the right and we briefly tried to get her to do the remedial exercises but she wouldn't stop. After we made her stop for lunch we got back out there and within another hour she was making left turns as well!

Two weeks ago she said, "what's the big deal about riding a bike?!". On Monday she said, "now I see why you like it (riding a bike) so much!" She rode every day until yesterday when it rained. She's out on paths now and doing great! My 3 1/2 year old wouldn't do the exercises but watching his sister motivated him to practice on his bike and we took his training wheels off too. He's getting there, slowly but surely.

Thank you! We've told several people to visit pedalmagic.com.
Nancy [H..., Houston, Texas]

From: Elaine P...
Subject: Thanks

Hi Pedalmagic,

Thank you! I ordered the video for my 7 year old son. He couldn't seem to get his balance on his bike no matter how hard we tried or how long we practiced. We watched the video together, he practiced while he watched TV, and this morning we went to a large parking lot. We did one last practice ... and he took off immediately, riding solo. He spent three hours riding his bike today without any help. He's so proud of himself and so are we. Thank you for this ingenious method - it really is a paradigm shift.

My husband is calling a friend of his who is a former professional cyclist and now owns a bike shop to encourage him to stock the video and I've already told a friend to buy the video instead of training wheels for the bike she's buying her son for Christmas. Good luck with this! You deserve to be enormously successful.

Thanks again,

Elaine P...
Los Angeles [, California]


From: Hugh & Doreen S...
Subject: The Pedal Magic System is great

I just wanted to pass along my thanks for your Pedal Magic system. My wife was one of those 1-in-9 Americans that hadn't learned to ride a bike. Now that our kids are of riding age, it was time for my wife to learn as well so that we could take family bike rides. I had been trying to teach her to ride myself using the "just pedal straight, honey" technique and it just wasn't working.

We ordered and watched the Pedal Magic tape and applied the techniques. The results were nothing short of miraculous! After just 3 minutes of the training techniques the tape suggests, she was taking her first tentative ride all on her own! After that first day she's been on riding on her own and getting better at it everyday.

Thanks for your tape...it's brought a very positive change to our family!

- Hugh S...[, Weston, Massachusetts]


From: "Margaret A S..." s...28@juno.com
Subject: another pedal magic success story

Dear Pedal Magic,

Please add us to the list of very satisfied customers. My eight year old daughter had tried many times to ride a bike but with no success. She was unable to keep up with her friends (all of whom were already riding a bike) and was becoming angry with herself because she could not ride a bike. She actually tried to sell her bike because she felt she would never get to ride it and felt someone else might be able to use it.

Her Occupational Therapist told us about Pedal Magic and said it really was indeed magic. We watched the video once on a Saturday night and once more on Sunday morning. It seemed too easy. But we went out and gave it our best shot. Twelve minutes later, my daughter was off and riding! This morning she got up at 6 AM and was ready to ride.

Thank you for allowing my daughter to meet with success so easily. It really is magic.

Thank you,
Meg S...[, Toms River, New Jersey]



From: derek.s...@syngenta.com []
Subject: RE: PEDAL MAGIC ORDER [5...]

Dear Usha,

I thought I would just give you an update on our progress and thank you for the video. My daughter had reached a stage at the age of eight where her friends could ride bikes and she was loosing face because she couldn't. Her confidence had been knocked and this came across as a total refusal to want to learn to ride.

Once we received the video I sat down with her and watched it. Afterwards she was enthusiastic to start. Unfotunately the rain here in the UK has been relentlous and so we had to wait until the next day to find a suitable car park to practice in. We did all the excercises as shown and within 20 minutes she was balancing and riding on her own. This had the major advantage of restoring her confidence and within four half hour sessions she was steering the bike and starting and stopping on her own.

We have just come back from a fantastic weekend in the Peak District where the two of us were cycling along tracks in the hills of Derbyshire - a day I thought would never happen!

many thanks,

Derek S... [United Kingdom]


From: S..., Paula [mailto:paula-s...@uiowa.edu]
Subject: Wonderful results!

I just wanted to say a huge "Thank you!" After much frustration from previous attempts, my nine-year-old daughter learned to ride her bike last night...what a thrill! After we watched your video and practiced the exercises, the actual riding came so quickly. This morning she is still beaming from her accomplishment... and that is priceless. You've given her a wondering gift....thanks!

[Paula S, Iowa City, Iowa]


From: Greg Rodriguez
Subject: Thank You!!!


Just a couple of weeks ago, I decided that it was time to get my 5 year old daughter, to try to ride her bike without the training wheels. It was quite the scene. I was running along the side holding onto the bike and to make a long story short: I got tired and frustrated and she got frustrated and started losing confidence in her previous ability. I decided that I needed to put the training wheels back on for awhile.

Well, the next week we were out, I saw a child that was a little younger than my daughter and he was riding like it was nothing.

I knew there had to be some tips or lessons on the internet and so I went searching. Well, I found "Pedal Magic" and to tell you the truth, I was very skeptical but I thought, "Hey, it comes with an unconditional guarantee, what do I have to lose?"

We bought the video online, received it a few days later and watched it that night. My daughter was very intent on watching. Right after the video, we went out to the back porch and took off her training wheels forever!

We started her excercises that night. Just for about 5 minutes. The next night, another 5 minutes. She was doing them so well, I decided to take the next day off from the office, so that we could do the "launch".

A quick review on one of the excercises and it was launch time.

WOW! I held her seat for about four steps and then let go and she was off! :o) I couldn't get over how effective your method works! She rode the entire length of the parking lot.

I took her out again later that day and she was starting/stopping herself, making right turns, left turns and doing figure eights. When her mom got home from work, the three of us went out again and all I did was pull the bike out of the trunk and handed it to my daughter. She hopped on and took off! I thought her mom was going to cry. :o)

We can't thank you enough for this product. I've already told several people and will continue to forward them to your site.

Thank you so much,
The Rodriguez Family[, Chandler, AZ]


From: Charley S... - Personal [mailto:chs...@fuse.net]
Subject: PedalMagic

Hi Mickey,

Just wanted to let you know we received the PedalMagic tape on Friday, looked at it Friday night and started Saturday morning. My 5 1/2 year old daugther was riding on 2 wheels within about 30 minutes. She had been on training wheels for over a year, but we got through all the excercises pretty easily. We had tried the old fashion way of me holding the bike and running with her once before and it was a disaster (a lot of crying - me and her). The method in this tape was easy on both of us. Worth every penny...

Thanks again, Charley S, [Kentucky]


From: P...@aol.com [mailto:P...@aol.com]
Subject: From a customer

... I've been meaning to write to you to tell you how WONDERFUL your video was. I managed to teach my 3 year old to learn how to "2-wheel". When I go jogging at the park, people can't help but stare at this little guy on a little 2 wheeler. It's very "fun". It took us more than 2 weeks, a little at a time... doing the drills a little longer. I also taught him to use his feet to hold up the bike by letting him watch t.v. only if he sat on his bike. It was an adventure. Thank you so much.


Charissa H...[, Baltimore, Maryland]

Updating Mar 15, 2023: Customer Charissa H had sent this picture along with her feedback (Monday, ‎June ‎9, ‎2008), but had requested that we not post it online. Naturally, we had honored her request. Since that was 15 years ago, we are hoping it would be okay to post the picture now. Our records no longer have contact information for the customer.


From: A..., Jeffrey [mailto:Jeffrey.S....@Norwest.com]
Subject: RE: Dear Pedal Magic customer

Your video worked. After watching your video with me, my 7 year old daughter instantly overcame her fear and was motivated to do it. Your video gave her a "game-plan" for success. She was riding within a few hours. Many thanks.

Jeffrey S. A... [, St. Paul, Minnesota]


From: Andrea O... [mailto:ao...@aomc.com]
Subject: RE: Dear Pedal Magic customer

Dear Ushar,

...Your video was a lifesaver. For two years my husband and I had been frustrated with my son's inability to even consider riding a bike. Every time we brough it up (he's 7) we'd hear moaning how every other kid could ride but him. When we'd ask him to got out and practice, he'd flately refuse. After one session with the video and one outside, that all changed. One week after his viewing of the video, Drew was doing the bike trails around our home with ease. These range from 6 to 8 miles. Two weeks ago, we went to Vermont and did roads and paths of 8 to 12 miles everyday. He kept up and he loved it.

Thanks you for giving a wonderful activity that the whole family can and does enjoy. And it's all your fault!

Andrea O...[,Bloomfield, Connecticut]


From: Beverly R... [mailto:bev_r...@hotmail.com]
Subject: At Last...

I am one of those adults whose attempts at learning to ride a bicycle as a child was a failure. More recent attempts where friends tried to hold the bike steady while I pedaled also resulted in failure. Though, according to your video and website, one out of nine adults are unable to ride a bike, there is a surprising dearth of instruction for novice bicycle training. As a matter of fact, your video was the only instructional aid that I found on the web that was not either training wheels or some other equipment that must be installed on the bike.

I was hopeful but geared for disappointment when I ordered the pedalmagic video. I watched and completed some of the exercises that did not require assistance of a second person. Indeed, I would sit on my bicycle in front of the television and practice one exercise explained in the video. Today was the day of reckoning. It was my first opportunity to use the method in a parking lot. After a few false starts, I was actually pedaling...all over the lot...but still pedaling.

I committed to spending one half hour a day with a goal of successfully balancing by Labor Day. I simply didn't believe that I could do something in five minutes where previous attempts have been total failures. Well, it happened. I was balancing very quickly and ended up spending the majority of my one half hour allotted time practicing other techniques like stopping and moderating my pace. However, the BIG issue, balancing, took about 10 minutes, if that.

Thanks very much for creating the video. I am definitely a satisfied customer.

Beverly R [Arlington, Virginia]


From: Lisa H... [mailto:...@worldnet.att.net]
Subject: Re: [5124...] Authorization of $25.00 Y:...

Hi. Add me to your testimonial list!!!! I thought that I was going to be in for a lot of back breaking and tears finally teaching my 8 year old son to ride. We decided to try the pedal magic tape and to my absolute amazement, it work as advertised. A few minutes trying the recommended exercises and away he went. Seeing how excited my son was when he realized that he could ride is something that I will always cherish.
Best regards,
Scott H [Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania]
July 6, 2000


From: Kim H. W... [mailto:58k...@airmail.net]
Subject: It worked!

Our eight (almost nine) year old daughter had tried for several years to learn to ride her bike. We had tried the old methods of training wheels, no training wheels, running along side her trying to keep her balance. Mostly, we had just procrastinated because she was never receptive to giving it another try. Finally, I decided to search the internet for some suggestions for teaching her that would be less painful to all of us.

I found the Pedal Magic website in my search. It sounded too good to be true. But with all her friends riding their bike so easily, I was desperate to help her. So with great skepticism, I ordered the video tape. When the video arrived (within just a few days), we discussed with our daughter and her six year old brother that we had a video on bike riding that we wanted to watch together. On Saturday, we watched and again on Sunday, which was Father's Day. We planned to take the children to our office where we have a large, open parking lot as suggested. In preparing to go, my husband removed the training wheels off our son's bike and went through the techniques with him. As he began the techniques with our daughter, our son took off on his bike! No falls, no practice, no help launching! This was before we even got in the truck to take them to the office! Once we got to the parking lot, our son was off without any hesitation. Our daughter, certainly not to be outdone by her younger brother, was determined and encouraged. And after working the techniques with her, in just a few short minutes, she was riding her bike at last!! We felt overwhelmed with emotion. The look on her face was priceless!! What a great Father's Day present for Dad!! She told us later that she had asked God to help her. What great reward it is when He answers the prayers of His children so quickly!!

Your techniques accomplished exactly what was promised. Thank you for being a means to help in this area which can be so critical in the development of self-confidence and self-esteem. May the Lord continue to bless your business.

Kim W...
Grand Prairie, Texas


From: Shanthi S... [mailto:ss12@hotmail.com]
Subject: Yet another success story

As guaranteed, I managed to start cycling on my own after the 2nd Launch attempt. It was truly amazing as I have never cycled in my life and have wanted to do so for the past 25 years! Thank you for your brilliant video. A simple concept that works so well...
Thank you once again.
Shanthi [, East Sussex, United Kingdom]


From: Catherine V... [mailto:catv...@cytanet.com.cy]
Subject: RE: Pedal Magic

...And now, let me tell you what I thought about the tape. First of all, ... was frightened to view either one. So frightened that I hid them away, in order not see or think about them. Face it, this was my last chance to get my daughter on wheels. If it didn't work, and believe me I thought it must be a gimmick, that was it. So I ignored the issue until one day in April, when out of sheer frustration from seeing that bike gathering dust, I told my daughter that we had to try. So we watched the tape and I realized that we were doing everything wrong... I compromised by finding a big parking lot (not an easy task on such a small island). Doing things strictly by the tape (except the size issue), I have to admit that I didn't expect anything. As a mechanical engineer, I appreciated the validity of the premises, but as a mother, I was still convinced she would just fall again. But, in 5 minutes, she was riding. I cried. She was a bit wobbly, so I went and bought the smaller bike, and then she was flying. It was the most beautiful thing. As I said before, I have been meaning to email you with our story ..., but I had some difficulty putting into words exactly how great this system is, and time went on.

We thank you.

Catherine and Marie V...[, Cyprus]


From: Mark E... [mailto:ME...@myrealbox.com]
Subject: Thanks! and an FYI

Thank you very much!!! I recently (order #5124291) purchased your tape. This past Saturday I watched the tape and started working with my 6 year old son, whom I thought had an incurable training wheel dependency. Sunday afternoon he was riding. You can't imagine (or maybe you can) how proud he was (me too).

As an FYI - I saw a report about Pedal Magic on 9 News last year, and I kind of thought it was from Mark Koebrich. I have been looking for this for several months, but I could not remember the name of your company.

I could NOT find any reference by searching the 9KUSA web site for "bicycle". I eventually found you by searching Alta-Vista. You can try yourself to search www.kusa.com for either "bicycle" or "ushar". You should ask KUSA to fix that.

Thanks again, Mark E [, Aurora, Colorado]


From: Don S... [mailto:sp...@bateman-am.com]
Subject: HOORAY

What a great product. My 6 yr old daughter was riding on the first launch. She has been using training wheels for about 2 years. We followed the instructions on the video and SHAZAM, she was thrilled and so pleased with herself.
Thank you.
[Don S, Littleton, Colorado]


A little background on this one about a 4-year old may make it more relevant to you...

From: Ushar [mailto:"Ushar Enterprises Inc"]
Subject: Pedal Magic


We read the following comment on your order:
I'm skeptical of course... We were at the park yesterday... when I heard another little boy making fun of him because he was riding with training wheels. That really broke my heart... He is big for his age and looks about 6 years old so it's even worse. He is so afraid of falling. I just hope that he gives this video a chance.
We had to take the time out to send you an email.

... because Pedal Magic is not magic, but sheer science... the core exercises should do the trick, so you may want to consider putting him through them in the basement or garage where other kids won't see him go through the conditioning process...

From: Steph...@aol.com [mailto:Steph...@aol.com]
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out to email me on my comment. I also wanted to tell you that we got the video in the mail yesterday. We, my son & I, watched it together and did the exercises in the house. He did great... We then took him to our church parking lot to do the launch. It was a little shaky at first. But then all of a sudden he just started to going. He got about two "fair" launches in before it started to rain. We went home and he wanted to watch the video again. Then after my husband came home from work my son wanted to show his Daddy how good he did today. We went back out to the church parking lot and he did absolutely terrific!!... He is so proud and so excited!!! --And so are we! Thank you so much for this video. I think it's the best $25.00 that we have spent. I will be sure to send the copied article to our local news station and make another copy to send to our newspaper. You have a wonderful gift to give the world. A gift of pleasure, excitement, and most of all confidence and self esteem. Thank you again.

Stephanie, Jared, and Jordan (4 yrs old) V...[, Lima, Ohio]


From: Ch...M@aol.com [mailto:Ch...M@aol.com]

Thank you all so very much. That was the best $20 I have ever spent. My son is 6 years old. We received the video today and as soon as I arrived home from work we sat down together and watched it. We watched the video 3 times, just to be sure we both understood the principles involved. Trent , my wife, and I, loaded up the bike and went down the street to an open parking lot. Trent and I reviewed what we had seen on the tape then started the exercises. Just like you guaranteed, Trent was riding that bike, by himself. In just a few more minutes, he had figured out how to get going from a complete stop as well as how to turn when he wanted and how to stop without falling over. We were all so excited, especially Trent, his self esteem shot to the sky. He just wanted to keep riding around and around. I was so happy, I had tears of joy streaming down my face.

Thank you,
Chuck M...[, Wichita, KS]


From: Marc M... [mailto:Marc.M...@bsbmlaw.com]
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic

Thank YOU for the video. It turned what had been a difficult and dispiriting effort into a joy. My son, who had decided that riding a bike "wasn't for him" was thrilled when he quickly learned. Thanks for your work.

[Marc M., Janesville, Wisonsin]


From: ...C@aol.com [mailto: ...C@aol.com]
Subject: (no subject)

Wow! It really worked. We got the video today and my daughter was off and riding. My 5 year old said " Wow I guess my pedals are magic now."

Cherie W [, Greensboro, North Carolina]


Student: Male, 6, dependent on training wheels.
Parent, actively looking for a solution, commented on the order:
I'm intrigued, optimistic and can't wait to try this. Watching my 6-year-old son with his training wheels, I could see that he was developing the wrong habits, which was what finally prompted me to remove the training wheels a few days ago. However our sessions without them, with me running alongside holding the bike seat from behind, have been exhausting for me and frustrating for him. I've got my fingers crossed about your technique, and I am anxious to learn and try it. ps: I enjoyed reading about the background behind your approach, as I have been a management consultant with a scientific background for many years - often applying concepts from other disciplines to business problems for my clients...

From: Jonathan R. S...[mailto:j..@strong.com]
Subject: RE: ..., software, etc.

Reginald --

Hi again.

Well, we finally put Pedal Magic to the test. We watched the video with my 6-year-old son Zachary. It was pretty late in the evening for him, so we watched it again the next afternoon. After that, we tried the most basic exercises in our garage -- for about 5 minutes each time on three different evenings. Last Saturday, we found a wide-open, empty parking-lot. We reviewed the exercises once more for about 1 minute and then proceeded with the launch.

Probably no surprise to you, but the results were amazing! Zachary made about 20 passes across the entire parking lot on his own -- about 400ft each way -- without a single fall. What a wonderful experience for him (and for us!).

Thanks again for such a great concept. I've already told about half a dozen people about Pedal Magic and how to find you on the web so they can order a copy for their own children.

Pedal Magic was worth every penny -- many times more in fact. Thanks from all of us.

Jonathan S... [,Princeton Junction, New Jersey]


From: Jason [mailto:jw...@email.msn.com]
Subject: Video


The cost of the video is definately the best $25 bucks that I have spent in a while. I taught my child in just under 20 mins.

Where was this video when I learned in the 70's!!!!


J[ason]. G
A very satisfied customer.
[Lemoore, California]


The following customer placed her order on April 3, 2000, it was shipped on the next business day per our customer service policy, and she sent us this email on April 6.

Additional information from the order:


Student: Male
Age: 7
Training Wheels Use: Moderate
Comment: My 7 year old is very frustrated by traditional methods of teaching to ride a bicycle. He has developed a real fear of falling that we are unable to overcome. I hope this works, all of his friends ride and it is affecting his social life.

From: Karen S... [mailto:ks...@radiks.net]
Subject: WOW!

We got your video today, 1 hour before the Cub Scout bike ride. We did the exercises prior to going on the ride. By the end of the ride my son was "doing it"! He was riding a two-wheeler all by himself. His friends and I are very proud of him. Thank you so much for making this possible.

...I will send the [Denver Post] article to various area newspapers etc. I also thought about writing to Walmart.

Thanks again,
Karen and Blake [, Malvern, Iowa]


From: D...@cs.com [mailto:D...@cs.com]
Subject: Video Tape

Dear Sirs,

First, let me thank you. My 5 year old son, who had used training wheels, rode his bike on the first "Launch". Prior to his first launch, I had run him on some of the remedial exercises, without pedals. How long it will take him to learn to go where he actually wants to go, I am not sure, but he is riding his 2 wheel bicycle...

David G. M [Baton Rouge, Louisiana]


Transcript of a note dated 2/28/2000:

Dear Pedal Magic -

Just a quick note to say thanks! Our little boy turned 5 in October, and, had been using training wheels. So, needless to say, I was both hesitant and skeptical. But, we watched the video together, did the exercisees, and rode - in less than 15 minutes! We were both amazed. Thanks for a great product!

Best wishes.

Brody C.
Denver, Colorado


From: "R. R..." m...@bellsouth.net
Subject: RE: Order Shipped
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Dear Gentlemen:

I had my doubts on your system. But I want to congratulate you´ll. After viewing the video with my daughter, we stepped out of the house and while I was pumping air in my bicycle, my daughter climbed on top of hers and was riding by herself.


Many thanks,

Rene R...[, Wellington, Florida]


Transcript of a letter from...

Rusty R...
Aurora, Colorado 80015

November 17, 1999

Ushar Enterprises Inc
Pedal Magic Project
Littleton, CO 80122-3651

I purchased your Pedal Magic video last month and I was really hoping that your methods would work. I could not believe how fast and effective the exercises and techniques proved out. I had given up teaching my six year old son for about two months until I resumed again after purchasing your video tape. We did the exercises in the garage for two days and then went to a parking lot and on the first launch he pedaled on his own and he followed your techniques perfectly. His confidence grew in a matter of seconds. On our second session, he was circling the parking lot and trying to follow a straight line. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

We have some good friends in California who are having difficulty with their child's learning to ride. We would like to purchase a video from you and send directly to them as a gift from us. Will you please send the video to the address below and include the enclosed note in your package? Thank you...


From: "Cathy M..." cm...@meganhealth.com
Subject: Thanks
Reply-To: "Cathy M..." cm...@meganhealth.com
X-MIME-Autoconverted: from quoted-printable to 8bit by bluejay.prod.itd.earthlink.net id JAA28276

I just wanted to pass along a thank you letter. I purchased the video about one month ago when it became apparent that my nine year old son was developing a phobia about riding bikes. My son never took the time to learn to ride a bike when he was younger because he always had his roller blades. He is excellent on roller blades and didn't feel he needed a bike to get around. It wasn't until his friends starting calling and asking him to bring his bike over that he felt different. After trying and failing several times, he convinced himself that he would never be able to do it. At my wits end, I researched the net and came across your product and decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose since there was a money back guarantee.

Well, within 15 minutes he was up and riding. The smile on his face gave me a feeling that is indescribable. Since Saturday when he learned, he has obsessed with it. He is riding and trying new things every day.

Thank you for helping to restore some of my son's self-esteem.

Cathy M [, Sunset Hill, Missouri]


From: "Sophie & Richard P..." s...@freewwweb.com>
Subject: Re: PedalMagicSurvey
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.2314.1300

Hello Mr. Joules,

Had to write to thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I have had the tape for some time, but today I finally sat on my bike and rode it for some time without falling. Having fallen and broken my wrist on a bicycle before purchasing your tape, I decided that I wouldn't hurt myself again. I slowly let myself become accustomed to the bicycle and how it felt in my grassy backyard, being sure that my feet could reach the ground when sitting on the bicycle. I had no help and just practiced five and ten minutes at a time. Your product surely is worth the price, and personally I would have paid $50-$60 for it. I've only wanted to do this for my whole life. I plan on going back to the bicycle shop where I purchased mine and talk to the owner about your tape and how useful it has been. You are right, there are many adults who are unable to ride and this would help them. If it worked for me, it will work for anyone because I doubt if there is a person out there more cautious about getting hurt than me. Thanks again.

Sophie P... [Middleburg, Florida]


From: Reginald Joules
To: s...@freewwweb.com>
Subject: Re: PedalMagicSurvey

> Hi, when you get back on the bike after watching Pedal Magic, we suggest > that you use the remedial exercises to alleviate your fears before trying > the core Pedal Magic process. >

> Happy riding. If you feel up to sharing your success with us, please send us > a note some time. Thank you. --Reginald Joules >

> At 09:37 AM 8/20/99 -0600, you wrote: >

> >StudentAge_: 52 > >StudentSex_: Female > >StudentStartLearn_: > >StudentTW_: No > >StudentTWTimeQ_: > >StudentTWTimeU_: Hour(s) > >StudentTWGot_: * > >Coach_: CoachOther > >HowFoundUs_: AltaVista > >Remote Name: > >Date: August 20, 1999 > >Time: 09:37 AM > >

> >HowFoundUSKeys_: > >

> >I saw an article in "ThirdAge Newsletter" but could not read the article > because it had a broken link. I kept thinking about it and tried search > engines on the net. Finally I found you with AltaVista. I had tried > learning to ride about two weeks ago with my husband running and releasing > me, but I fell and hurt my knee and broke my wrist and felt that I wouldn't > be able to learn to ride. I have learned that my bicycle was much to big > for me and that may have been part of my problem. But I am scared of just > jumping back on a bicycle, especially with my husband's limited patience. I > hope this works for me; I have always wanted to ride for exercise.


From: kate s... ts...@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Order Shipped

Dear Pedal Magic people,

Danny became frightened of riding a bicycle when he was four years old, and refused to even try to ride one with training wheels.

After I persuaded him to try again last spring at the age of 9, he became so frustrated after only 15 minutes that it took us another three months to talk him into another try. Unfortunately, he lasted only another 15 minutes. In desperation, I searched the web and found your information. I almost didn't send for the video, because even though the price was so low, it just didn't seem possible that it could help.

Danny and I watched the video together, and then went to the schoolground on Sunday and did the exercises together. It took him a little longer than five minutes, maybe ten, but the first time I launched him he went ten feet, stopping only because he suddenly noticed I was too far away to be holding the seat for him! The next time he went thirty feet, and after that, he just needed a reminder to pedal faster to keep going. He never fell down, because he knew what to do when the bike began to tip to the side.

Later, Danny told us that it helped to know that some grownups also had trouble learning to ride a bike; when he saw them fall down the same way he used to, and then saw them learn to ride after doing the exercises, he knew he could do it too, if he tried.

Your video earned its name and your guarantee - Danny is so proud of his accomplishment, and now we have a whole new family activity to enjoy. Before Danny was born we were avid bikers, so you can imagine our own happiness, too...

Kate S... [, Berkeley, California]


Reply-To: "Dave A..." @bigsky.net
From: "Dave A..." da...@bigsky.net
Subject: A very satisfied customer
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Dear Mr. Joules,

Thanks so much for the great video. Having conducted training seminars in the past, I knew how to teach adults just about anything, but when it came to my five year old, Zach, I was flustered. Zach's training wheels had been on and off his bike more times than I care to say. Each time we would gain a little ground, something would happen that sent him back to his "security blanket." Needless to say, we were both frustrated and had just about given up for the year. I can't tell you how many different ideas I tried (including some that were very close to your own.) Thank goodness I don't give up easily! After spending an exhausting day chasing a bike, I thought to myself that someone must have faced this problem before, and decided to check the internet. I don't remember what key words I typed, but I found your site. We first watched your video on Friday night. It didn't take long to figure out we needed the remedial course to break our training wheel habit. We spent about 20 minutes Saturday and 15 minutes Sunday working on the exercises. We launched and Zach rode about 50 ft. To his surprise, he found I was not holding on to his seat. He finshed the day by riding around the school parking lot. He even waved at a boy cutting the lawn.

We did have a minor setback when we returned to our subdivision to show Mom. The road is very narrow in spots and is bordered by small irrigation ditches that are lined with river rock. This situation so frightened Zach that he forgot all that he had learned. I didn't think that going back to the school parking lot would help in this situation, but it did. When we launched , I told Zach to follow the yellow line that separates adjacent parking spaces. Once he figured out that staying reasonably close to the middle yellow line was the same as riding down the middle of our street, he was fine...

Perhaps you have some suggestions for our last challenge?.... Speed Bumps!!!! Again, Thank You.


Dave and Zach [,Kalispell, Montana]


From: "Donald B. C..." don...@tscnet.com
X-Accept-Language: en
Subject: Thank You

I would like to thank you for a great product. My wife had a bad experience trying to learn to ride over 25 years ago and would never try again. Recently she decided that she wanted to try to learn and after only a couple of evenings we were both feeling discouraged. While searching for information on training wheels on the internet I came across your site.

The claims seemed to good to be true but after only a couple of days I was desperate already. I ordered the video and when it arrived we both watched twice and then we practiced your techniques for about 15 minutes. We did this for the next two evenings because of the weather and then went to a large parking lot for the real test.

It took a little longer than 5 minutes but she was able to ride for a short distance without assistance. She practiced again tonight and did much better being able to ride around the parking lot several times. This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

I would like to thank you again for a wonderful product and possibly saving my marriage.

Don C... [, Bremerton, Washington]


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From: "Kurt ..." K...@durotest.com
Subject: Thanks

I had to write you and thank you for the wonderful video. I can't believe how great it worked. Anyone who has a child should buy this video. My ten year was struggling to ride, frequent crying and yelling episodes led me to your site. She was frustrated, I was frustrated and I felt bad because she really was trying, I felt guilty afterward yelling at her that she wasn't trying. Enter the video, she and I sat down watched it, the next day, five minutes following the instructions, off to the parking lot, a quick refresher and off she went, no more running along side. Not once since then has she had any problems, two weeks later at camp she enrolls in mountain biking. Now we are all riding because we can't keep her off. What used to be a struggle to get her on the bike, is a pleasure. Thanks again for something that is worth every penny. And thanks for putting that smile on my daughters face, she is so proud of herself every time she gets on the bike.

Best Regards,

Kurt ...[,Livingston, New Jersey]


From: scott m...
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic order status
Just want to drop you a line expressing my graditude for your video Pedal Magic. My 5 year old daughter was riding after 5 minutes ... This after using training wheels for two years and then trying with me running along side for two months. She still is learning to turn, but she can balance (and I can rest).

Thanks again.

scott...@yahoo.com [, Bellmore, New York]


From: Jim H... james-h...@uiowa.edu
Subject: pedal magic
Reply-To: Jim ... james-h...@uiowa.edu

I spoke with you on the phone last week in regard to Pedal Magic. It arrived last week and I took my ten year old son out on saturday. We practiced the initial exercises in the garage since he was embarassed that he is almost eleven and unable to ride a bike. He was able to do twenty correct ... on the second attempt... He was quite skeptical. I launched him twice and he put his feet down both times, crashing on the second attempt. He told me he did not want to learn anymore but I convinced him to give it one more try. I set the gears on his bike very low so that even pedalling at top speed he would not pick up much velocity hoping he would not panic because he was going too fast. We launched and he went fifty feet. We launched again and he went the equivalent of a city block...

He was ecstatic!

On Sunday we returned to the lot. He insisted that we do ... as a warm up and then he took off. We practiced turning left and did some big circles. He is reluctant to turn right but wants to work on that tonight. Tuesday we will work on him launching himself without help. Practicing every night I am hopeful we can tackle the trail system in our park by the weekend. It has wide paved paths and I think it will be a wonderful place for him to really build up his confidence before tackling the public streets with me.

He is so proud of himself and so happy. Thank you for a wonderful product. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and work in psychiatry so operant conditioning is not foreign to me but once again I am amazed by its ease and power. I conditioned a lot of rats in college but I still found it hard to believe that I could train my son to ride in ten minutes after all the summers of frustration...

Once again thanks for your help. Ryan will be sending you his own e-mail thanks as well.

Jim H
Coralville, IA


From: ...@aol.com
Subject: Thankyou
Reply-To: ...@aol.com

Thank you so much for the video. I ordered the video after my son and I had spent a horrible afternoon of me running beside him and him falling several times. We had both had enough and figured we had many, many grueling days ahead of us. That night I searched the Internet and found your sight. We got the video on the following Saturday, and practiced the exercises for less than 2 minutes and he wanted to be launched. The joy we both experienced was, and still is wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for your video, it has brought joy into our lives. Thank you again.

Mark P. B... and Tr..., Amarillo, Texas


From: Andre ...
Reply-To: a...@arlington.net
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Subject: Re: Pedal Magic
References: <199812040421.UAA10224@scaup.prod.itd.earthlink.net>


I just wanted to let you know that both of my kids (5 & 7) began bicycling this week-end, thanks to your video tape!

I tore my knee a year ago (playing soccer!) and have been unable to safely teach my kids how to bicycle (using the traditional methods of chasing them, etc.!). However, after watching your video tape with the kids, practicing the drills on the bicycle in the kitchen (!), and 'letting them go' outside the next morning, I couldn't stop laughing as I watched them actually bicycle! Even though my kids have been using training wheels for at least 2-3 years, it took both them less than 5 minutes to be on their own!

Thank you again for your wonderful video!

Andre F [Arlington, Texas]

P.S.: Why don't you market the video through more bike stores (none of the bike stores in Arlington, Texas knew of your video), since I stumbled on your home page by accident! I'm sure thousands of other parents will love to have your video!


X-Originating-IP: [...]
From: "Jane C..." <,,,@hotmail.com>
Subject: WOW!!

Dear Mr. Joules:

I recently purchased your Pedal Magic video in order to help our 9 year old daughter learn how to ride her bike. Before purchasing your video, we spent many sessions trying our best to help her learn (running beside the bike, giving her "tips", etc.). Not only did she not learn how to ride, but she was becoming increasingly frustrated - usually ending up in tears. Not being able to learn how to ride when all of her friends and neighbors could was very difficult for her.

I came upon your website quite by chance and we decided if the video even helped a little, it was well worth the money.

The day the video arrived my daughter and I watched it and she immediately wanted to go out and try it. WOW! It couldn't have been more than 5 minutes and she was riding on her own. The look on her face at that moment was priceless.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your product. I wish you much future success.


Jane C... [Tallahassee, Florida]


Siblings story from The Netherlands (when Pedal Magic was sold on NTSC and PAL VHS tapes)

We were a little surprised by the following note. It seemed from this feedback that a child actually taught another child to ride in minutes without direct parental involvement. So, we asked the parent specifically if we understood it correctly. From the customer's first note it also seemed to us that the kids must have tried Pedal Magic successfully at least once before they called their mother out to show what they had accomplished. Here are all the notes:

From: "The ..." <...@worldonline.nl>
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic order status
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What an amazing tape.. My 6 year old daughter has been using stabilizer wheels for the last year and a half. We removed them about 6 weeks ago and then started an awful struggle to get her going alone. We cajoled, begged, shouted, attempted to bribe, threatened all to no avail. She was terrified. We couldn't let go and she couldn't maintain her balance.

What is a parent to do ? Especially one currenlty in Amsterdam land of the bikes ?... Search the internet of course. And there via the search engine " Ask Jeeves for kids" we found salvation. Four days later my nine year old son and my six your old stabilizer dependent daughter watched the tape together... The next non rainy day (a rare thing in this country) they went out and miracle of miracles ten minutes later they both called me out to see Tal my son launch Amit my daughter and off she sped.... wobbley but confident and ALONE
Thanks very much !

A happy mum and dad in Amsterdam
[Karen T, Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

Email from us to Karen T:

Dear Mrs. ...:

Thank you very much for the feedback. It appears from your note that your 9-year-old son learned the instructions from the video and then taught your daughter to ride without either you or your husband being present. If this is so, it is a record (to the best of our knowledge). We do not know of any such prior incidents where a child taught another child using Pedal Magic.

If our understanding of your situation is wrong, please let us know...

Thank you again for taking the time out to send us your feedback. -- Reginald Joules

Reply form Karen T:

From: "The ..." <...@worldonline.nl>
Subject: Re:Tal and Amit
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Dear Reginald,


Yes you understood perfectly well... My husband was actually away on business and I was in the kitchen... (where else ) So Tal and Amit did this by themselves...


Karen T


Subject: Pedal Magic
X-Juno-Line-Breaks: 5-11
From: ...@juno.com (Donald J E...)

Just wanted to tell you that my daughter learned to ride after several years of failure and frustration. It was hard to get her to sit down and view the video and then to go out and try. But she did and was able to learn after 15 minutes or so of "launches". She has now been riding on her own each day for the last 4 days and is really enjoying her new freedom.

Thank you for such a simple yet effective method.

Now I'm trying to teach my wife to ride. Any suggestions?

Don [, Belmont, California]


From: David ... <...@mail.atl.bellsouth.net>
Reply-To: ...@mail.atl.bellsouth.net
Organization: What? Me Organized?
Subject: Pedel Magic Testimonial


just want to thank you for creating your tape - I have already recommended it to several other parents with kids after my success in teaching both my 7 year and 12 year olds how to ride last weekend after we all watched the tape. I was skeptical at first, but I am now convinced that this is the *only* way that children should be taught to ride.

Best Regards,

Dave R [,Marietta, Georgia]


From: "Saul A. ..." <...@nuthena.com>
Subject: More Experience with PEdalMagic

Your technique has scored two quick successes ... and one slower success. My son, almost 6 years old, had never ridden a tricycle, nor was he a motivated bike rider. I tried using the Pedal Magic technique straight off, but it was clear that he lacked motivation to succeed (he didn't know how fun it would be to propel himself on a bike), nor the motor skills to keep his feet on the pedals. So, I installed the training wheels on his bike, and worked on the basic motor skills of biking. Once he had mastered the training wheels (about 10 15-minute practice sessions), we started the exercises, as per your tape.

It took three sessions of about an hour, but, he succeeded. I think the strength of your [remedial] technique is that the exercises slowly build the balance skills needed, so that the step from [them] to riding is a small one. Thus, although it took much longer than 5-20 minutes, I'm very happy that you supplied me with the tools to teach my son at his speed, with him gaining confidence from his incremental mastery of the exercises...

I taught my son (with your help) to ride a bike, mostly as a way of building his self confidence in his physical abilities. As such, maintaining motivation was key. I think that training wheels have their place (as do tricycles) in the motivational equation, especially when your exercises can help the student to quickly undo the damage of training wheel usage...

Even though my son was younger and less physically capable (strengh /coordination) than my daughter, it was MUCH easier and less stressful for student and teacher to teach my son, based on your techniques. In fact, I'm not sure either of them would be riding bikes today without your insight.

Thanks again! You made what was an unpleasant experience into a pleasurable father-son learning activity.

-Saul K [, Potomac, Maryland]


From: "Larry F..." <...@usinternet.com>
Subject: Success!!!!!
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

I just wanted to write you to tell you that your system worked WONDERFULLY!

My daughter is 9, and has had a hard time learning to ride her bike. She even outgrew her first bike before she could ride it without training wheels. (I think if I had it to do over, I wouldn't go for traininig wheels)

This Spring, we got your tape, found a parking lot, and she was riding in about 15 minutes. She's having a great deal of fun, and independence on her bike, and I'm very happy and proud of her.

I liked what I read on your web site, and thought it made sense. I'm so glad I bought your tape, and have already recommended it to others.

Thank You!!!!
Larry F [Minneapolis, Minnesota]


From: "Mary E. .." <...@erols.com>
Organization: Home
Subject: Pedal Magic

My 7-year old daughter, Kathy, learned to ride her bike this weekend, using the Pedal Magic techniques. She is beaming and I am jumping up and down for joy.

Here is what happened before Pedal Magic:

- Kathy got her first bike (16") at age 5 1/2. She rode the first season with training wheels.
- The second season I took the training wheels off, but put them back on after one unsucessful and unpromising session.
- This year, at age 7 1/2 and a new 20" bike, we tried again. I insisted on no training wheels. After the first training session, utilizing traditional methods and advice from another parent, we were both frustrated. She appeared no closer to learning to ride and was unmotivated to try again.
- Then I learned about Pedal Magic and suspended bike lessons until it arrived.

After Pedal Magic:

- First Session (30 minutes): We did the basic exercises through the '...'. Kathy had no trouble doing these repeatedly. I then tried the 'launch', with no luck... I then had her work on the 'remedial' exercises for kids who have been using training wheels...

- Second Session (next day, 30 minutes): More work on the remedial exercises... She refused more launch attempts, as she felt out of control when I push her.

- Third Session (several days later, 15 minutes): Continued ... and getting more comfortable with it...

- Fourth Session (about 10 days later): After 10-15 minutes ... she did her first [launch], starting herself. After another 10 minutes, she consistently started herself. She continued to ride, working on control and braking.

Kathy is thrilled about her accomplishment and can't wait to ride again...

Note: The most work I did after the first Pedal Magic session was to lift her bike in and out of the minivan!

Mary E. M [, Germantown, Maryland]


From: Ronne R...<...@diamond.co.uk>
Subject: Pedal Magic
X-Url: http://www.iguide.co.il/english/176.html

Dear Mr. Joules,

You may not remember me--we corresponded briefly last fall, when I ordered a Pedal Magic video in the hope it would help me and my husband help our son Daniel (then 10, now 11) learn to ride a bike after years of failure and frustration.

Last September, when we received the tape, Daniel was apprehensive. We tried the exercises shown on the tape, but he was still very self-conscious, worried about failure, and too embarrassed to try anything anywhere but in our backyard, where no one would see him. Our backyard is small and mostly grass, so this was far from ideal--nevertheless, we could see right away that the exercises helped enormously--he was actually able to balance on the bike, which he'd never done before. But there wasn't enough room for him to get up any momentum, so our efforts were doomed to fail. So we decided to forget about it over the winter. Daniel's motivation dwindled, and we didn't want to push it.

In the last couple of weeks, though, things changed. With the warm weather, all his friends have been riding their bikes down to the sports field--Daniel's the only one who still gets driven there; also, all his friends were doing a "Cycle Proficiency" test at school, which all Year 6 kids are given the opportunity to do here in Nottinghamshire--he felt really left out. He asked if we would help him try to learn again. This time we found a suitable location--a little-used local airfield that had a good expanse of paved space--and we went there on Monday.

We started with the exercises, which Daniel responded really well to--but when he tried to ride on his own, he just didn't "get" it, and was beginning to get really discouraged. My husband and I were getting discouraged, too, but we didn't want to let Daniel see, so we decided to take a break and go watch the skydivers on another part of the field. As we were walking over, we heard a shout. Thinking Daniel had hurt himself, I turned to run back--only to see Daniel riding towards us with a huge grin on his face! All we had to do, it seems, was let him get on with it himself!

Needless to say, we are all thrilled, Daniel most of all. When we got home, he took his bike out onto the street for the first time ever, and I cannot tell you how proud and happy for him I felt, watching him ride up and down the street. His overall confidence and self-esteem seem to have soared overnight. It has been a struggle, but well worth it.

I have absolutely no doubt that the Pedal Magic video was the crucial factor here--the exercises gave him the balancing skills he was unable to master before. Once he had those, it was just a matter of convincing himself he could do it. I cannot thank you enough for devising this method, for your video, and for the encouragement you gave us last fall. You've made what once seemed impossible a reality--thank you a thousand times!

With best wishes,
Ronne R [, Nottingham, England]


From: ... <...@aol.com>
Subject: Another Satisfied Customer

We really appreciated the tape! It helped my eight year old daughter learn to ride her bike in about two minutes. Our previous efforts had been difficult, but with your system she was able to start riding virtually immediately. Consider us another satisfied customer - we will be sure to mention the tape to anyone else who needs assistance in teaching a child to ride a bike.

We also are working with our five year old daughter on learning to ride without training wheels. It's taking her a little longer, but we will keep working on it (I think she has some training wheel dependency that we need to work out).

Again, thanks for the system.

Mark S [, Rockville, Maryland]


From: GN... <...@aol.com>
Subject: Pedal Magic

Thanks for your tape, I'm a 38 year old male who never learned to bike. With guidence from your tape, I 'm now biking with ease, moreover I learned it without any coach. I did not even go through the whole tape because training wheels were not involved...

[Ganesh N, Bartlett, Illinois]


From: "Manuel K..." <...@homemail.com>
Subject: RE: Pedal Magic order status
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Thanks so much for your incredible product! I tought my 31 year old fiancee how to ride a bike in about 5 minutes yesterday. It worked great!. Thanks again. BTW, you REALLY have to get this tape marketed with the big boys...it's a great invention!

Manuel K [, Sausalito, California]

[Reply from USHAR:]

Thank you for the very nice comments and letting us enjoy your joy.

With regards to the big boys, nobody (i.e. none of the major players in general merchandise retail, the bicycle industry, or parenting area) is interested! Either they don't believe Pedal Magic is for real or they discount its significance. Go figure. But, not to worry. You will see widespread use of Pedal Magic by the time you have kids and they are ready to learn to ride. -- Reginald Joules


From: Robert B... <...@aiusa.com>
Reply-To: ...@aiusa.com
Organization: Onondaga County
Subject: I'm Impressed!

I am impressed. I purchased the videotape for my daughter and she was riding unassisted within five minutes. The techniques seem so simple that I'm surprised that I've never heard about it before.

Tully, NY [New York]


From: "G..., Dan" <...@Mattel.com>
Subject: FW: Pedal Magic order status

Dear Mr. Joules,

Just thought I'd let you know that your methodology worked. My two older girls (8 and 10 years old), watched the tape and then went with me to an open parking lot near the house where we live. The youngest of the two was riding within a few minutes...the older one took the better part of an hour, but she too was riding before we left. Congratulations on the development of this simple, but effective training tool.

Thanks and best regards...Dan G... [, Laredo, Texas]


From: Heather P... <...@bc.sympatico.ca>
Subject: Re: Success!!
References: <199709170455.VAA04263@iceland.it.earthlink.net> <....3B9E@bc.sympatico.ca> <342ED980.33E4@bc.sympatico.ca>

Hi there, I am writing to thank you for your video tape and your system. My 11 yr. old daughter had been trying to learn to ride a bike forseveral years, but nothing we tried worked. In desperation, I looked through the internet for hints on teaching bike riding when I came across your home page. I was very skeptical when I placed the order.When the tape arrived I watched through it, then when my daughter came home, she viewed it. A couple of days later, she asked me to take her out to a school parking lot, which we had used in the past. We tried the exercises about 10 times and she seemed to have no difficulties with that. She said she was ready to try, but asked me to hold on to her the first attempt and to not let go. I agreed. However, before we started, I turned my back on her briefly, to take my jacket off. When I turned around, to my absolute amazement, she was riding her bike! There was no assistance with a launch, she just took off. That was about 90 minutes ago. In this past 1 1/2 hrs., her confidence has grown and she is now riding like she has been riding for ages. Laura is a straight A student, plays on the school basketball team and swims really well. Bike riding was something she just couldn't seem to master until your system gave her the few instructions she needed as well as the belief that it would work. Thank you so much.


Heather P [, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Note from daughter Laura follows:]


Thank you so much. This is amazing. I watched the video and was anxious to try it. I tried some exercises about 10 times and when my mom turned her head, I was off and riding my bike. I am so happy and I can't believe it worked! I thought I would never ride my bike because I was so afraid of falling. Thank you so much. This is a dream come true.

Sincerely, Laura P [, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada]


X-Sender: ...@mail.hooked.net (Unverified)
From: ...@hooked.net (BOB H...)
Cc: ...@mail.hooked.net

As the owner of an advertising agency I am naturally skeptical of inflated product claims. Nonetheless, after spending a frustrating evening trying to teach my seven year old daughter to take off her training wheels and ride her bike, I decided to send for "Pedal Magic". This morning I took my daughter out and, using your techniques, she was riding within twenty minutes. It is rare that one is completely satisfied with a product. In this case, I certainly am. Congratulations and thank you.

Bob H [, Oakland, California]


From: "...silver" <...@internetMCI.com>
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic
To: USHAR Enterprises Inc
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I and my son want to thank you for your well thought out approach to teaching bike riding. My son is 8 and 1/2 years old and had not been able to ride a bike. We had used training wheels for him and his brother. Evidently the training wheels hindered my younger son's ability to ride, while not affecting my older son. In approximately 2 hours of using pedal magic's approach my son was riding. We did have to do ... in order to correct his balance. The ... excersice is ingenious. He is now riding with his friends all over the neighborhood only 5 days after recieving the video. Thanks again.

Michael S...[, Colorado Springs, Colorado]


From: "..." <...@ksnews.com>
To: "USHAR Enterprises Inc"
Subject: Re: Pedal Magic
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 18:06:31 -0500
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

Your product is a sure-fire hit here!! My son Alex, age 7, had been unable to learn to ride, and unwilling to try. After WATCHING your video, he understood the concepts necessary and within a few minutes of actual practicing, he was riding! In under 1 hour of practice, he was turning, and launching himself, and really gaining riding confidence. Tomorrow we will try with Max, (Alex's twin brother) - I am sure he will have as much success as Alex did. Thanks!!!

Cindy and John W. [, Topeka, Kansas]

X-Sender: ...@mailhost.ksnews.com (Unverified)
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 20:59:14 -0500
To: rjoules@earthlink.net
From: ... <...@ksnews.com>
Subject: Pedal Magic Success

Thank you so much for the video. It worked on both my twin 7 year old boys Max and Alex. About 2-3 minutes on each child and off they went. After about 4 10 minute practice sessions they were riding, turning, launching, and just having a great time. My effort was some coaching and positive feedback but none of that chasing and pushing like I had tried unsuccessfully before.

The first boy Alex just kept saying how great a bike rider he was and how happy he was. Max said it was a dream come true.

Both my wife and myself are engineers and upon watching the video knew it was the right approach. It was the best spent 20 dollars in a long time.

Again, thank you and I wish you success in your endeavor. Even if you don't get rich you can always know that you made life a little easier and a lot funner for a lot of children. We all know that is what life is all about.

John and Cindy W. [, Topeka, Kansas]

PS Anything we can do to help you market, distribute, and/or sell the video let us know.


Voice mail message:

Hi Reginald. It's Jane M... You just sent a Pedal Magic tape to my husband Ira, and I think [pause] it's amazing. My 6-year old was diagnosed with dyspraxia which is a motor planning problem, last October, and I'm not kidding, within less than 2 minutes a kid who's [excitement] the most uncoordinated kid on the planet [excited, making a point] was riding his 2-wheeler... I thank you so much. It has given him such a great confidence boost. What a wonderful program! ... Thanks so much, and long may Pedal Magic reign!

Jane M. [, Potomac, Maryland. September 4, 1997]


Voice mail message (from a lady with a 35-year-old husband who could not ride):

...I taught my husband to ride ... it took about 5 minutes and he was off & pedaling and we were completely amazed... just wanted to let you know that it works for adults that have total fear... he was terrified of being on that bicycle... it worked great and we just wanted to thank you very much... everything worked out really, really well...

Lisa L... [, Brooklyn, New York]


Errors-To: <...@concentric.net>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 16:05:42 -0700
From: Al A... <...@concentric.net>
Reply-To: ...@concentric.net
To: rjoules@earthlink.net
Subject: Thank You!

Mr. Reginald Joules:

Every year on vacation at the Cape my friends are renting bikes and exploring the bike trails. Even back home everyone goes riding in the park and on the local river trails. I have always felt a little left out and embarrassed that I could not go along because at 32 years of age I had never learned to ride a bike. KEY WORD here is "had never learned."

I was bound and determined this year's vacation at the Cape was going to be different. I was determined to learn to ride a bike. My partner agreed to teach me. Well… guess what? I wobbled, weaved, wavered and went tumbling a few times. I left the hour long session discouraged and convinced I had no sense of balance what so ever! However, I was still determined!

I decided to surf the web and try to find instructions for adults or even training wheels for adults. That's when I found your web page for "Pedal Magic." On your web site there was a distributor in Cleveland, Ohio. By chance I was going to Cleveland that weekend and planned on picking up a copy at the bike shop. My partner drove me across town from where we staying to pick up a copy. I have to tell you there was some skepticism after my initial failure if this would work. Everyone was convinced I was throwing my money away. However, if I was I was assured a 30-day money back guarantee.

I was a bit surprised how short and to the point the video was. My partner watched and took on the job of coach. I did all of your exercises and at launch I was amazed to find out I was UP AND MOVING! Not falling off! In 20 minutes I was circling the parking lot making the bike go where I wanted it to go! What a rush and feeling of accomplishment.

The next day I was back in the bike shop buying my first bike! The salesman was a little surprised I had learned in less than a half hour and looked a little skeptical! You know what? Who cares?!?! Because this year I'm going to explore the bike trails at the Cape with my friends and partner!

Thanks for making your theory available to the public. It has changed the perspective on my recreational life!

Al A... [, from somwhere in Ohio, by inference]


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Subject: Re: Pedal Magic
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 18:15:08 -0400
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Dear Reginald,

Thanks for the PEDAL MAGIC video. My aunt took me out to the park to practice and now I'm a good rider. We practiced 15 minutes. We did the exercises first and then I was off. I am really happy I can ride now. I' ve been practicing about a year.If my mom never found this on the internet I wouldn't be riding now.

Kevin R...

Dear Reginald,

You asked me to let you know how Kevin did with the video but I wanted him to write to you first. He's much more excited than his note would lead you to believe!

We received the video last week and did the exercises one afternoon in the garage. Kevin did really well with them and was anxious to get out to an open area where we could try the launch. However, we've had lots of rain lately and the time was just never right.

But my sister happened to come from Pennsylvania for a visit yesterday. She has been trying to teach Kevin to ride for a couple of years -- every time she comes to Florida they go outside and give it a go but have never had any success. This time I asked Patty to watch the video with Kevin and then they repeated the exercises. Next we went to a local parking lot and, after a bit of review of the exercises, including the training wheel exercises, they were ready to try the launch.

Patty and I were astounded to find that Kevin was able to keep the bike going for about 20 seconds all by himself. Kevin was thrilled, as you can imagine! We stayed out there for about 30 minutes and he got better and better.

... Thank you very much for your video. It was worth the money just to see the look on Kevin's face once he realized that he was actually riding his bike!


Sue R... [, Hollywood, Florida]


Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 23:16:01 -0400
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Subject: Pedal Magic Results
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USHAR Enterprises Inc wrote:
> Dear Mr. L...:
> We have all the information needed to ship your order today. Thank you.
> If your son has not become too dependent on training wheels, he will be
> riding this weekend. If he needs to get rid of training wheels dependencies,
> but is highly motivated to spend an hour or so every day practicing the
> remedial process, he will be riding some time between this weekend and next
> weekend.
> All the best,
> Reginald Joules

We received the tape Thursday afternoon. My 8 year old son, who has been trying to ride his bike without training wheels for several years watched the video with the family that very evening. My wife was very skeptical.

Afterwards, my son did the ... exercises perfectly. Since he still couldn't maintain his balance, I had him doing .... per you instructions. These turned out to be very awkward for him.

My wife told me that he practiced his exercises during the day on Friday. My son asked me to take him to my office's parking lot... Within 15 minutes, he was riding bike like he had been riding for years.

He has been riding his bike more this weekend than he has all last year. Next weekend will be his 5 year old sister's chance to follow his example. It was the best $15 I've spent!


Bob L... [, Dublin, Ohio]


Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 08:17:40 -0400
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I ordered Pedal Magic last week and this weekend we had a chance to try it out. I must say that my husband and I were amazed. Our son turned 5 in May and got a bike for his birthday. He's been riding with training wheels for a month. We took the training wheels off once during that time and Danny quickly asked that we put them back on - he was too scared to try it without them.

Danny watched the video with us and was very excited to try. My husband took Danny out on Saturday and an hour later they came back with Danny proclaiming that he can ride without training wheels. I had a chance on Sunday to watch him and it was amazing how well he was riding. My husband said that on the second day he was doing even better than he had been at the end of the first day.

Thanks from all of us!


Laura T... [, North Potomac, Maryland]


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Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 18:01:11 +0000
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To: rjoules@earthlink.net
Subject: Pedal Magic Success

Dear Mr. Joules,

I want to thank you for making this video available! My husband and I were truly amazed to see our daughter learn to ride a bike so quickly. She is eight and we had not had any success in teaching her to ride over the last two years. In desperation, I began searching the internet for any tips that might help me and discovered your home page.

I didn't time her, but I know she was riding in under 10 minutes and we were all thrilled. She is so proud. We have a 5 year old who is on training wheels but plan to start working on the exercises you recommend to make the transition so he can learn to ride. Your product is wonderful.
Thank you.

Shevawn B... [, Newport News, Virginia]


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Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 18:38:26 +0000
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To: rjoules@earthlink.net
Subject: Very satisfied customer

Dear Mr. Joules,

I ordered "Pedal Magic" from you on Feb.4, 97 (order #9..-...-...). We watched the tape right away, but didn't get a chance to try it out until today, because first my son (age 8 1/2) had the flu, then I didn't feel well for a few days. Today was the first day we had time to try your method.

I must say, I was flabbergasted. I really didn't think he could catch on in 5 minutes or less. But he did! In about 5 minutes, he was riding! YOU are a genius!

He rode his bike when we first got it, with the training wheels, but luckily he didn't ride it very much, so he hadn't had the bad habits of training wheels too entrenched. We took off the training wheels a few months ago (as suggested in your web page), and I spent one frustrating day trying to teach him to ride without the training wheels, but he wasn't making much progress and it was very discouraging to me. Right after that, my husband found your web page again and suggested we order the tape. I was skeptical, but figured it was worth a try. If it worked, it would certainly be worth the cost of the tape.

I want to thank you and add one more testimonial to your reviews. We are very happy and amazed that it worked so well.


Marcy L... [, Montrose, California]


To whom it may concern:

This letter is in reference to your video entitled "Pedal Magic" which we recently purchased through the Tattered Cover bookstore. Our seven year old son learned to ride his bike with training wheels, but was extremely hesitant about riding on just two wheels! Our family had tried everything imaginable, but without much success.

One evening while watching television, my husband listened to a news broadcast regarding your bike training system and we thought we would give it a try. To our amazement, Brian learned to ride his two-wheeler in just one day using the tips included in your video tape!! We are extremely grateful to your company for providing parents with another option for instilling self-confidence in their youngsters. Thanks again for a great product!


Denise S... [,Lakewood, Colorado]



You have a satisfied customer!!

We went to the American Reformed Church parking lot and he had immediate success. He was extremely proud and so was his dad. I have been gone to the East Coast for 10 days and hope we can give it another go tonight.

Thanks for the great idea. If you need me for a testimonial, let me know. He had been using training wheels and still rode quickly after we did the initial exercises. He's gifted like his mother.

Best wishes on this venture. I think it's a winner. Let me know how your response is.

Jay W.

Orange City, IA


Good Morning,

I wanted to respond to your inquiry while this is fresh in my mind and I have a moment.

My wife was gone so my 3 year old daughter, my son Aaron (6) and myself sat down and watched the video. He was not a willing participant at first. At the beginning when the video was laying out safety rules and setting up, he was still whining. After the technique was laid out he began to tune in. We only watched the video once. It was going to be dark soon so I thought we would give it a go.

We rode to a flat parking lot and did the technique. We reviewed everything and began. He wanted to put his feet down on the second exercise. I had to emphasize to him that he needed to trust me and I would not let him fall. After I felt he was comfortable with both, about 5-8 minutes, We tried a solo launch. He rode across the parking lot his first time. He was distracted by a boy playing basketball near the lot. He is self-conscious and did not want anyone to see him. If he was not concentrating, he would falter. He also did not always pedal constantly and would stop if he concentrated only on the steering. Practice will improve this.

I am extremely pleased with this video. My son has had training wheels for two summers and is not comfortable trying new, unfamiliar things. He was able to understand the video, go out with me and practice the technique and rode unassisted the first time he was launched. Thanks Reginald.

Jay W.

Northwestern College Orange City, IA